Doctor Foster series 2: When will it return? What happened in series 1?

The award-winning BBC One drama about the complicated personal life of a medic is back. Here's what you need to know.

Last updated: 12 September 2017 - 5.27pm

Dark BBC One drama Doctor Foster was an award-winning success when it hit screens in September 2015, so fans will be relieved that their wait for a second series is coming to an end.

So what is it that got viewers so excited – and for those looking to catch up, what has happened so far?

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What happened in Doctor Foster series 1?


New Pictures - Jodie Comer is back as Kate

Doctor Foster - Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer in Doctor Foster

First look at series 2

Gemma is back, but with Simon back in town, she doesn't look happy. Who is she glaring at?

Suranne Jones in Doctor Foster series 2

Becky Hughes helped Gemma expose Simon in the first series, but with her former boss back in town, whose side is she on? And will she be a friend or foe for Gemma.

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Doctor Foster series 2

Everything isn't terrible for Gemma - she does have a hunky new boyfriend called James.

Doctor Foster series 2

Chris Parks may have just about recovered from the dinner part of hell, but how will he feel about Simon swanning back into town and reigniting the fight with Gemma?

Doctor Foster series 2

Writer Mike Bartlett has revealed that Gemma's friend Ros will have her own storyline in series 2. After she betrayed Gemma and kept Simon's affair secret in series 1, will she make it up to her colleague in the new episodes?

Doctor Foster series 2

What happened in series 1?

Gemma Foster, played by former Coronation Street favourite Suranne Jones, is a doctor married to property developer Simon (Bertie Carvel), and they have a young son.

One day she finds signs that he may be having an affair, and her investigations set in chain a series of events unmasking deception, financial intrigue, online threats and people pushed to the most desperate limits.

Watch series one in full now on BT TV via the BBC iPlayer app.

The series and its star drew good reviews, and was hugely successful. Jones was named Best Actress at the 2016 Broadcasting Press Guild Awards, the Royal Television Society Awards and BAFTA Television awards, as well as Best Drama Performance at the National Television Awards.

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The show was named Best New Drama at the NTAs and nominated for more awards at the BPGAs and TV BAFTAs.

It was also screened in Australia, New Zealand, France, Poland and the US, and is available on Netflix.

The show’s writer, Mike Bartlett, has also written for Doctor Who and drew both applause and criticism for his stage play King Charles III, recently adapted for BBC Two starring the late Tim Piggott-Smith.

When will series 2 reach our screens?

The BBC announced a second series as soon as the first had reached its climax in November 2015, and filming began on series 2 in September 2016.

Season two premieres on Tuesday, September 5, at 9pm. Set your BT box to series record now.

First series 2 pictures

Doctor Foster series 2

Doctor Foster series 2

What's the plot of series 2?

All the main players from series one, Bertie Carvel, Jodie Comer as Kate, with Neil Stuke and Sara Stewart as her parents Chris and Susie - will return., alongside Suranne Jones.

Set two years after the first series, the second season of Doctor Foster will revisit Gemma and Simon two years after their divorce. Simon and former mistress Kate now have a child but it's safe to say all parties are struggling to move on.

"Gemma and Simon haven’t sorted out their issues and have a child to look after," Jones told Digital Spy. "[It's about] what happens to people who essentially still hate each other after a divorce.

Comer said: "The amazing thing about series one was the build-up. It was such a build-up to that final episode, but that's happened now and the story's moved on.

"People have changed, time has passed – we pick up the series two years later on."

Jones added: "It is what happens to a woman after divorce, deceit and revenge has taken its toll...It’s really brave, different and pushes the boundaries of family drama."

Suranne Jones talks season 2:



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