Doctor Foster series 2 episode 1 review: 8 burning questions

How far will Gemma go for revenge? Why did Tom run off with his dad? And will there be a murder?

Anticipation for the second series of Doctor Foster is at levels rarely seen for a BBC drama.

Suranne Jones’ Gemma Foster captured the imagination of viewers in 2015, picking up an audience of over 10 million for its unforgettable finale and *that* dinner party scene.

Originally intended as a one-off series, the cat-and-mouse tension of Gemma chasing the truth about her dastardly husband Simon, played by the devilish Bertie Carvel, was addictive viewing.

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Writer Mike Bartlett agreed with the British public, thankfully, that a second series was required and this series two opener, two years later, was even darker, sexier and bubbling over with tension than first time around

Sex, revenge, incredible characters, the tones of a horror movie, Doctor Foster series 2 is as good a drama as you’ll see in 2017.

After the red-hot opener, here are our eight burning questions…

1. Gemma has lost everything. How far is she willing to go for revenge?

Still from Doctor Foster, series 2 ep 1

As Gemma dissolved her wedding ring, laid out four syringes in menacing fashion and lit a cigarette, she looked like a broken woman in the stunning closing shot.

Tom, her son, had been holding her life together and now that he’s abandoned her for Simon, she’s got nothing left to hold her back. It looks like we’re about to see what she’s really capable of in series two.

2. Is Bertie Carvel’s Simon the best TV villain of the year/decade?

Doing everything except twizzle his moustache and cackle, Bertie Carvel looks like he relishes every moment as the despicable Simon. Manipulative, sleazy, controlling and with the wickedest of grins, he’s definitely the best villain on TV this year.

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3. Where has Simon’s money come from?

Simon insist that he hasn’t been hiding money from Gemma and Kate’s dad revealed that hasn’t been helping out his new son-in-law, so what has caused his “change of circumstances”.

Still from Doctor Foster series 2 ep 1

Maybe he’s just worked hard in London or got lucky. However, the Simon we met in season one was always on the look-out for a scheme and happy to bend the rules, so we suspect everything might not be totally above board.

4. Is someone going to get killed?

“The only way I’m leaving is in a coffin.” Of all the lines to say to your revenge-fuelled ex-wife who looks like she’d finish you off now, if she only had a bread-knife to hand.

Gemma murdering Simon feels a little too obvious, but someone may pay for his actions.

Death loomed over the episode and with an over-arching question of ‘how far will Gemma go?’, it feels like someone meeting a grissly ending is inevitable. All we’re saying is, if we were Kate, we’d watch ourself around that swanking new swimming pool – it looked very ominous.

5. How will Gemma’s new colleague from hell fit into the story?

Still from Doctor Foster series 2 ep1.

It’s been a big year for Sian Brooke and she’s definitely nailed the job of ‘surprising mysterious new cast member’ in 2017. Earlier this year, she popped up as the villain in the Sherlock finale, and now she’s the irritating new colleague of Gemma at the surgery.

A know-it-all, pushy and a perfectionist, she’s already rubbing up Gemma the wrong way. But how will she fit into the wider story with Simon and Gemma?

6. Why would Tom run off with Simon?

Tom’s only a kid, but he always felt like a smart one, so why would he run off from his mother to live with his slimy dad. Can he not see through Simon’s nasty Cheshire Cat grin? Or could there be more to his decision than meets the eye?

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7. Who has a ‘We’re Back’ party?

Simon and Kate had plenty to celebrate, but those creepy ‘We’re Back’ party invitations didn’t make us want to crack open the champagne and pop along.

Still from Doctor Foster series 2 ep 1

Is it normal to host a big event for old friends after you were forced to leave a couple of years ago for cheating on your wife and assaulting her?

8. What was in Gemma’s present?

The most burning question of all – what did Gemma put in that box for Kate? Tom joked that it might be a ‘bomb’, but we suspect the contents will be more of a psychological warning or threat to Simon’s new wife. Gemma was prepared to play games with Simon at the party and we would suspect that it won’t be the last time that she deliberately tries to arouse fears of betrayal in the happy couple’.

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