Dougie Henshall on filming Shetland

Dougie Henshall felt "slightly assaulted" when he returned to the big city after filming Shetland.

Press Association
Last updated: 10 March 2014 - 9.30am

Dougie Henshall has said he felt disorientated when he finished filming the second series of Shetland.

The Glaswegian actor, 48, plays Detective Jimmy Perez in the BBC One murder mystery series.

Dougie said: "We were in Shetland for over a month, so when we arrived back in Glasgow, I felt quite disorientated, I felt slightly assaulted by the city.

"It must be terribly odd if you spend most of your time on somewhere like Shetland and come to a big city.

"It was just as well I came to Glasgow first and not straight back to London. That would have been too much!"

The Primeval actor added: "I think I appreciated the Shetlands more this time round, as we were there for a longer period, so I got the chance to explore."

:: Shetland begins on BBC One on Tuesday, March 11.