Fear the Walking Dead: 5 reasons we love Madison Clark

Kim Dickens plays the full-blooded and fierce Madison Clark who is going to be even more “bad ass” in series two.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Monday, April 11 with its highly anticipated second series.

Nick, Alicia, Travis and The Strand are all heading to the sea to escape the zombies on the streets of Los Angeles at the start of series two and leading the survivors again is Madison Clark – played by Kim Dickens.

Here are five reasons all Fear the Walking Dead fans love the show’s super-cool matriarch.

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1. She’s a woman of action

Madison in Fear the Walking Dead

If a zombie apocalypse is going to hit the town, you’ll don’t want any timewasters or shirkers. You want a leader like Madison.

Ready to get her hands dirty, quick to make plans and handy with a fire extinguisher, Dickens described her best when she said Madison was “bad ass”.

Talking to Yahoo about her best scenes in series one, Dickens said: “I really did like when I had to take out Artie. I mean I should be ashamed to say that [laughs], but, I don’t know why, that was so fun.

“I liked filming it. It was fun to have action scenes for the first time in a long while, to really choreograph it and work together as a team. All the focus and adrenaline that took. I liked how it looked in the end. It was sort of messy and fun.”

2. We would want her by our side in the apocalypse

Resourceful, quick-witted and warm-hearted, she’s the sort of friend you need when the world is falling apart around you.

“I like her. I like her resilience. Her resilient spirit,” said Dickens.

“I like that she’s flawed. I like that she is really quick at making tough decisions, because I’m not. I think I like those life or death moments that she can handle pretty well. That’s pretty fun to play.”

3. We love Madison and Travis

Madison in Fear the Walking Dead

The heart at the centre of Fear the Walking Dead is the romance between Madison and Travis. The two teachers would clearly do anything for each other and their respective families and they repeatedly made us melt inside.

“I think their relationship is so beautiful. I think Travis really celebrates the strength and power in Madison, but he is also her rock and foundation when she has her more vulnerable moments. There is that softer side to her as well,” Dickens told BT.com.

“I think she feels that she finally has someone to lean on in her life in this man who is tender and believes in humanity, but he also has this strength and masculinity. From the very episode I think it’s clear that this is a modern couple, who are very realistic and who complement each other. It’s a very human relationship, very real and great fun.”

4. She is a kick-ass mother



Who wouldn’t want Madison as their mum?

Willing to do just about anything to look after her drug addict son, no matter how many times he lets her down, Madison may be flawed, but she never fails as a mum.

“What does it mean to play Madison?” said Dickens. “For me it’s been an incredible opportunity to get to lead a show, to get to do an action show, at this time.

“I have been fortunate in my career to always play complex multidimensional women and this is no different. She is a full-blooded woman and she is fierce and strong and flawed completely flawed and she is a bad ass. So it’s been really, really fun to play.”

5. Madison and Strand are going to be a perfect match

Madison in Fear the Walking Dead

The mysterious Strand helped save Nick’s life so Madison is immediately going to warm to the enigmatic and wealthy new addition to the group.

“I think these characters are kindred spirits in a way there is something that they see in each other; they see the no bulls**t aspect in each other, you know?” said Dickens.

“They see the survivor aspect in each other but it doesn’t mean that they are in agreement, and I think they have to sort of find their way.”

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