Fear the Walking Dead star Frank Dillane on series 2: 'Everyone is in danger'

The Nick Clark actor reveals what is in store as the characters discover there is 'no safe harbour'.

Fear the Walking Dead's highly anticipated second series premieres on AMC (BT TV - 332) on Monday, April 11, exclusively to BT customers.

Ahead of the show's return, BT.com spoke to Frank Dillane, the young actor who plays drug addict turned apocalypse survivor Nick Clark.

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We spoke to the young star about the troubles ahead as the characters head for choppy waters in series 2 and discover what gives Frank the chills in real life.

Frank Dillane

How has it been filming at sea? Did all the cast have to pack sea-sickness tablets?

We weren’t actually at sea. We were on a boat that was built in a tank [the studio that was built for the Titanic], so the boat didn’t really move. It was really cold in the water though. They use sea water in the tank.

Was it fun? Fun is a funny word. Was it fun being cold and wet all the time? It was challenging and difficult. It was work, make no mistake, it is probably fun to watch. It’s not easy stuff. This isn’t a comedy, so it can be fun to film at times, but then it can be heartbreaking. It’s nice to watch it back in an episode and see that there are other people in the show. It’s nice to see a scene that I’m not in because you don’t get to see that being filmed. It’s weird with the special effects, to be filming in a tank and then see that turned into us out at sea.

Frank Dillane in Fear the Walking Dead

Nick struck up a fascinating bond with Strand in series one – will we see a lot more of that relationship in series 2?

He becomes more part of the fabric of the show and not just Nick’s friend. We see Strand interact with the rest of the family more, and he has a great back story coming up too.

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Strand believed that Nick was well equipped for the new world the characters are living in because of his drugs problems – do you agree?

I don’t think it was because of his drug problems. I think it is because of the circles he chose to live in. And living on the outskirts of any society you probably become more in touch with what it is to be a human being, in terms of what we actually think, what we actually feel, you know, who we actually are, in a certain sense.

Frank Dillane in Fear the Walking Dead

Nick’s outfit in series one, which he stole from the hospital has become his trademark. Would you be sad to see him shed the old man trousers and jacket?

Don’t get me started on that. They made me get rid of the costume. I managed to keep the jacket and the shoes. But that is it. I think the outfit was getting a lot of attention. You wait till season 2, everyone seems to change every day! I mean, I wore the same outfit yesterday, and on the boat everyone seems to have packed a suitcase! [Laughs].

Will Nick’s personal problems with drugs put a strain on the relationships in the group as it could potentially place them all in danger?

I think everyone puts and gets themselves in danger of their own accord. Nick is actually alright I think. I think he causes the least amount of trouble really.

Frank Dillane in Fear the Walking Dead series 2

From the rest of the cast, in real life, who would you want alongside you in a zombie apocalypse? Who would be the most useful?

Cliff Curtis would probably do alright I think. I think I’d go with Cliff, I think he could handle himself.

What scares you in real life?

Everything! She does [points to his agent], my agent [laughs]. No, ghosts. Ghosts scare me. I’ve never seen one though. I’m scared of something that might not exist. All the time, it’s something I worry about, ever since I was a kid.

Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey in Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Monday, April 11 at 2.00am, exclusively to BT customers. It will be repeated later that day in primetime at 9pm and is also available on catch-up.

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It will air on AMC – 332 on BT TV and channel 192 on Sky for BT Sport Pack customers.

AMC is also available in HD on both BT TV and Sky with an HD subscription.

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