Fear the Walking Dead: Who is The Strand – Colman Domingo reveals all

The mysterious enigmatic Strand joins the series as a full-time character in series two – so will we finally found out what his game is?

The mysterious enigmatic Strand joins the series as a full-time character in series two – so will we finally found out what his game is?

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead will be thrilled to know that there will be a lot more of Victor Strand in the show’s second series.

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When the show returns on April 11 on AMC, The Strand will play a key part as the survivors head to sea in his boat Abigail.

But will we finally find out what his gameplan is? And is he really one of the good guys?

Colman Domingo reveals what is in store in Fear series two:

Fear the Walking Dead

Do you think we’ve seen these characters crossing the line yet in their attempts to survive?

"I don't even know exactly what is too far. I think that we just don't know unless we are in that situation, honestly. The interesting thing is we have no idea what the characters are made of. When we are at this crossroads, what will we actually do? Especially when it comes to protecting families, protecting best interests, their futures in some way, their dreams, their hopes, their ideals.

"I think that’s why it’s so popular as well because we all have these thoughts of - what will we do? - if we were in that situation. We actually don’t know until it actually happens."

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Is Victor someone who is trustworthy? He remains a real mystery to viewers.

"I think of Victor as someone who believes in things in black and white terms. I think that what he says, he means. I think that he may not reveal too much, because maybe it’s about him really strategising and also reading personalities to find out whether or not they can handle it as well.

"He is also someone who... I don’t know how he values love. But what we do know of him right now is that he values obligation, you do him a solid, he’ll do you one.

"He is amazing to play."

Fear the Walking Dead series 2

What has the reaction been like from viewers?

"I got people yelling at a car door to me just saying, don’t die…and I am like, what?"

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What challenges has series two posed as you head to the sea?

"I had to go and do some yacht training. Actually, they sent me to San Diego to be on a yacht for a day and just learned as much as I can so I knew somewhat what I was doing.

"But also knowing that he was possibly the owner and not the captain, he shouldn’t know exactly everything to do. So he probably needed these seven individuals a bit more than you know he wasn’t even aware of.

"And yeah, the challenges, my character stays a lot in the wheelhouse, commandeering the yacht. But when I have to get into the water, it’s for a really good reason, and then he is challenged that’s all I will say, because the water will challenge you."

How do you see the Strand and Madison relationship developing?

"Yeah they have to find and wrestle to find out what is this relationship.

"All of the relationships are being challenged on this boat and this apocalypse. And the fallout could mean many different things you know someone who was your son one day, he could be your adversary, you have no idea.

"It changes everything, everything is changed, the world has flipped upside down.

"It’s up there in the universe, to Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson’s mind, what it becomes."

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Who would be your dream guest star in Fear?

"Dustin Hoffman… Meryl Streep…And Melissa McCarthy.

"We are going to need some laughs or it’s going to be a long, long season."

If you had to die, how would you like The Strand to be killed off?

"I feel like with someone like Victor Strand that it will have to be something so ridiculous.

"You know with all of the fights and the drama that must go on – likes he steps on something and it’s poisonous."

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