From the creator of 24 and Homeland, ITV's must-watch drama of the summer is the gripping thriller Fearless.

Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders) leads the BAFTA award-winning cast of stars in this dark and gripping tale of injustice, murder, police and politics.

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Here's a quick guide to the cast and characters in the new six-part series:

Helen McCrory plays Emma Banville


Determined  human  rights  lawyer,  Emma  Banville  is  known  for  defending  lost  causes  and  has a reputation for taking on cases that no-one else will touch. She lives with partner, Steve, with whom she's hoping to adopt a child, despite them not having the most stable of relationships.

She truly cares for all her clients and will passionately defend them, working hard to uncover the truth and protectng them at all costs.

What attracted you to Fearless?

"We’ve  seen  strong  female  leads  on  TV,  but  Patrick Harbinson  has  created  a  character  I’ve  never seen before. A very vulnerable hero to the next genera\on. A woman who really is a pioneer and is finding  her  own  way.  A  reaction  to  her  own  damaged  past.  But  also  Emma  cares  so  much  about what’s happening in the world about her.

"Emma feels alone. She’s not part of an establishment. She’s not part of a gang. You see her on the street and you see her investigating and trying to find out the truth. That really touched me because I felt this is exactly where the world is at the moment.

"They  wanted  an  older  actress,  one  that  had  been  politicised  by  Maggie  Thatcher,  as  Patrick Harbinson had because, like her or loathe her, she poli\cised a generation. I’d go on the anti-poll tax marches and the apartheid marches and was very much part of a politically active college. And then I watched  my  daughter,  who  is  10,  geing  her  placard  out  together  with  her  three  friends  and marching  down  with  her  mum  and  her  godmother  to  support  equal  rights  for  women  recently  in London.

"Trump has done the same. He’s politicised a genera\on. I think people are very aware of that now. That actually  they don’t  trust necessarily  the establishment  to solve  things  for  them or look  to  the establishment as heroes, as Brexit and as Trump has proved.

"So  this  idea  of  people  that  are  quite  ordinary  and  normal  fighting  for  other  ordinary  and  normal people on those lost causes, in some cases people who have been abandoned in prison for 10, 15, 20 years, I felt Patrick really had his finger on the pulse there."

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Jonathan Forbes plays Dominic Truelove

Fearless ITV

A former police officer, Dominic Truelove now works alongside Emma and assists her in the case to discover the truth behind  Linda’s murder. He has a close relationship with Emma and, whilst  he sometimes questions her methods, trusts her implicitly. 

What attracted you to Fearless

"There's  a  directness  between  Dominic  and  Emma  (Helen McCrory). The  show  is  called  Fearless and  Emma's  reputa\on  precedes  her  as  being  formidable  and  difficult.  When,  in  fact,  she  is someone with a massive sense of humour and quite a bit of vulnerability.

"One  of  the  fascina\ng  things  about  Fearless  was  the  way  we  shot  it. I  was  filming  Catastrophe almost at the same time and they were very different styles of filming. It was really exciting. I found it very natural. It wasn't conventional. As Patrick Harbinson describes it, it's the crash zone where law and politics collide. There are a lot of drive by moments, surveillance, phone conversations or snippets of things."

Sam Swainsbury plays Kevin Russell

Fearless ITV

Now in his mid-thirties, Kevin Russell has been in prison for 14 years for the murder of schoolgirl, Linda Simms. Linda’s body was found buried near his workshop whilst he was caretaker at Linda’s school. At the time of his arrest, his fiancée Annie Peterson, was pregnant with their son, Jason.

Rebecca Callard plays Annie Peterson


Annie  Peterson is Kevin’s ex-fiancée has always fought Kevin’s cause, firmly believing him to be innocent. It’s Annie who hires Emma at the beginning of the series, having previously approached a number of lawyers in an a`empt to get Kevin acqui`ed. She has a teenage son, Jason.

Wunmi Mosaku plays DCS Olivia Greenwood

Fearless ITV

Olivia Greenwood  was  the Investigating Officer on the Linda Simms case and she conducted the interview when Kevin Russell confessed to Linda's murder. She now works for counter terrorism for SO15 and is investigating Yusef Attar, one of Emma’s current clients.

What appealed to you about Fearless and the role of Olivia?

“I always go for the story first. I’m not that attached to a character so much as the whole story. And whether I want to be a part of that whole story. That’s what  attracted  me  first  to  the  Fearless scripts. The idea, the jeopardy, the whole thing. I thought it was very topical and obviously the people involved are really talented. So I would have audi\oned for ‘Waitress No 2’ in it.

"In terms of my character Olivia, it was great to play someone who is at the top of her game and brilliant  at  what  she  does.  Her  personal  life doesn’t come into it. She is completely and utterly focused on justice. And it's quite cool seeing a woman like that."

John Bishop plays Steve Livesey

Fearless ITV

Steve is Emma’s boyfriend  who  she  met  on  a  previous  case  years  ago  when  he  was  a  press photographer.  Although they  have a loving relationship, Steve is very laid-back and both an antidote and frustration to Emma.

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Michael Gambon plays Sir Alastair McKinnon


Master of a Cambridge College, Alastair McKinnon is an influential and highly-respected academic and former Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Office.

Robin Weigert plays Heather Myles

Fearless ITV

Heather Myles lives in Washington and is a former CIA  employee who now works as a private contractor in the intelligence industry. Ruthless and forthright, she is a master manipulator pulling the strings.

Jamie Bamber plays Matthew Wild


Matthew Wild is the Simms' ambitious local MP. Alongside wife Laura, Matthew is highly regarded in the community and tipped for leadership of his party in the not-too-distant future. When Emma starts investigating Linda’s murder, Wild is determined to protect  the Simms family and tries to convince Emma that she should leave it alone.

Fearless airs Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

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