From Coronation Street to the front line of drama - Michelle Keegan’s five best roles

Cast your mind back over some of the actress’s screen triumphs.

She was a hit in the BBC army drama Our Girl, which returns to screens this October.

But before Michelle Keegan became Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, she held a variety of different roles that showed off her acting talents.

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Take a look at some of her best-known starring performances on the small screen.

Coronation Street

Keegan shot to fame as cobbles regular Tina McIntyre, spending six years in Weatherfield.

Her storylines included helping to engineer a sham wedding between her boyfriend and best friend that unfortunately turned into a real romance, and losing her beloved dad Joe when his insurance scam went horribly wrong.

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Tina also met a dramatic end after having a steamy affair with street lothario Peter Beale, which she conducted right under boss Carla Connor’s nose. The plot thickened when she fell foul of Rob Donovan who wanted to derail the affair and pushed her from the top of a building, leading to her death in hospital.

Feisty Tina rowed with as many people as she had romances with, giving the actress ample scope for showing her range.

Ordinary Lies

Breaking away from Corrie, Keegan joined an ensemble cast for the drama Ordinary Lies in its first series.

The programme was set in a car showroom but concentrated on a different character’s untruths each week.

Keegan’s episode saw her seemingly shallow receptionist character travel abroad with her best friend to become a drugs mule, but lost her mate at the airport and had to live with the guilt of her secret.

It was an even grittier role than her soap demise and marked Keegan out as an actress looking to take on serious work.

Tina and Bobby

The star went for period drama in her next project, hitting the 60s section of the costume department with gusto.

Keegan played footballer Bobby Moore’s wife Tina in the mini-series based on her memoirs, and cast off her trademark dark locks to go blonde for the role.

She appeared alongside Lorne MacFadyen in the story of a very ordinary couple who fell in love and found themselves becoming extraordinarily famous and constantly in the spotlight thanks to Bobby’s career.

Drunk History: UK

Going for something completely different, Keegan has appeared twice in this bizarre comedy show.

The concept is that comedians drunkenly retell their favourite stories from the history books, with hilarious results.

Keegan’s episodes have seen her play Tudor queen Elizabeth I and later, Stuart monarch Mary Queen of Scots, although she hasn’t actually featured as the drunk storyteller.

Our Girl

It was a tough ask to fill the shoes of fellow soap actress Lacey Turner, who starred in the first series of the drama as an army medic.

But drafting in Keegan seems to have gone down a storm with both viewers and critics, as she is now about to air her second series on the frontline of the programme.

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This time, we’re set to see Georgie Lane take on three different challenging tours, beginning with a spell in Nepal to provide humanitarian relief after a series of earthquakes.

Fans will also be keen to see any new developments in her relationship with ex love Elvis (Luke Pasqualino).

Our Girl returns on Tuesday, October 10 at 9pm on BBC One.


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