Who is the Greatest Dancer receptionist?

She stole the show in the opening episode…but who is she?

The Greatest Dancer kicked off January at the BBC as TV’s newest talent contest, with a star-studded line-up of judges and presenters.

But Cheryl, Matthew Morrison, Oti Mabuse, Alesha Dixon, and Jordan Banjo can all step aside as there’s an unexpected boss of the show.

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Viewers went wild for The Greatest Dancer receptionist – find out who she is, and what her role is.

Who is The Greatest Dancer receptionist?

Just like Celebs Go Dating and The Apprentice, the new contest has decided to make a feature of its studio receptionist.

The woman with the top job is Amelia Wilson, who opened the show by appearing in its very first scene getting the waiting area prepped for the contestants.

We were never officially introduced to Amelia, but she probably got even more screen time than Cheryl, thanks to the way the programme is structured.

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Why can't I find her on social media?

The Greatest Dancer presenters

She was a hit with viewers, but many of them complained about the same problem during the opening episode.

Amelia is, bizarrely for a TV star these days, completely untraceable on social media.

Fans only wanted to tweet their appreciation of her, with many posting that they couldn’t find her and wanted to congratulate her, but Amelia was nowhere to be found.

Apparently, despite coming across as confident and sociable on screen, she’s a very private person in real life and wants to keep her anonymity.

That might be easier said than done if she features in other episodes as much as she did in the launch show.

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What does she do on the programme?

The Greatest Dancer cast

Amelia set the scene for the series by plumping up the cushions at The Greatest Dancer Studio, and answering the constantly ringing phone.

She’s the first port of call for nervous auditionees, who come in to register their names with her before she sends them through to perform in the studio.

Her job involves chatting to the dancers, taking down their details, and getting them hyped up for their performance with jokes and gossip about which judges they’re aiming to impress.

But eagle-eyed viewers spotted one major oversight by Amelia in her role as receptionist – she’d forgotten to turn her laptop on, despite pretending to tap in names on her register. Oops!

The Greatest Dancer continues on Saturday at 8.10pm on BBC One.

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