How many episodes of Innocent are there?

Find out when you should tune in to enjoy the ITV crime drama.

New crime drama Innocent has hit our screens, and looks set to be one of the most talked-about TV shows of the year.

Innocent focuses on the story of David Collins, a man sent to prison for the murder of his wife Tara.  Released after seven years on a technicality, he is determined to prove that he was wrongfully convicted.

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Returning to his old life is not so easy, though – his children are in the care of his wife’s sister and she is still convinced of his guilt.  His brother, at least, is on his side and has fought a tireless campaign to free him from jail.

Will David be able to reconcile with his family and prove his innocence – and at what cost?

How many episodes of Innocent will there be?

There will be four episodes of Innocent in total, so three more after the opening episode aired on Monday May 14.

The series will be broadcast in its entirety over the course of this week – so the remaining episodes will air on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.

Who are the cast members of Innocent?

Heading the cast is Lee Ingleby, best known for his appearances in BBC drama Line of Duty and the ITV series Inspector George Gently. Ingleby plays David Collins, a man released from prison after seven years having been convicted of his wife’s murder, and desperate to prove his innocence.

His former sister-in-law Alice, now legal guardian of his children, is played by Hermione Norris - best known for playing Karen in the hit ITV series Cold Feet.

The series also features Daniel Ryan of Sky’s Mount Pleasant as David’s brother Phil, Victoria and Four Lions star Nigel Lindsay as DI Beech, Angel Coulby from Merlin as DI Hudson, and Adrian Rawlins, most recently seen in the BBC’s Hard Sun, as Rob.

Where was Innocent filmed?

The series’ two main filming locations were Malahide, near Dublin, and Bosham, West Sussex.

Writer Chris Lang said. “We took the cast to Dublin for two months, to shoot in the stunning Irish countryside, and then brought back to the south coast of England for a week, to film in beautiful Bosham harbour.”

Daniel Ryan joked: “We filmed in a very rural spot north of Dublin, with nothing much else, but the local pub was kind of handy.”

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Who wrote Innocent?

Innocent was written by Chris Lang and Matt Arlidge. Lang has extensive writing credits, having penned the series Dark Heart, A Mother’s Son and Torn, as well as episodes of Soldier Soldier, Casualty, Hustle, Primeval and Unforgotten. He’s also an executive producer for the show.

Arlidge has written several episodes of Silent Witness and was also the creator and writer of 2007 drama Cape Wrath. He also served as executive producer on the series Mistresses and The Little House.

Innocent episode 3 preview

Episode 3


Tom awakens from a night of heavy drinking and he tries to piece together details of the night before. His numerous, desperate calls to Melissa all remain unanswered.

Phil admits to David that he's been laid off. It's a return to form when David hands him some cash in an attempt to partly repay his debt of gratitude he feels towards his brother. But the cash comes at a high price as David sells his story to a newspaper.

The Police investigation focuses on Alice and any motivation for killing her sister. There are many facts that could point to her as the murderer and indeed Rob. Seizing on the possibilities the revelations suggest, Cathy calls in Rob for questioning. Caught off guard Rob confronts Alice wondering what she's said to incriminate him so forcibly.

Under close questioning Rob maintains innocence. He was out driving but his route undoubtedly have taken him past Tara's route home but he adamantly denies having seen her. Cathy also asks Rob whether his job entails working with ropes at the boatyard.

Cathy's case review reveals so many shortcomings in Will's original investigation that Hillman suspends him which threatens to destroy his career.

Innocent continues on ITV tonight at 9pm

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