Illusionists put lives at risk in death-defying magic tricks

Five young magicians will face six of the most dangerous illusions ever in a new style of TV show in which they compete against each other. Watch their talent in a series of videos now.

Imagine Come Dine with Me, but instead of food, the contestant show off life-threatening magic tricks.

That’s how illusionist Ben Hart described a new BBC Three show – Killer Magic – which sees five young magicians compete to avoid trying a trick that puts their life at risk.

The video above shows Hart along with Chris Cox, Dee Christopher, Damien O’Brien and Jasz Vegas – the hot new magic talent that features in the new series which starts on Tuesday March 24 at 10pm.

The magicians from Killer Magic: Dee Christopher, Chris Cox, Jasz Vegas, Damien O'Brien and Ben Hart

“It was a very strange experience working with four other magicians over a prolonged period of time because we became a bit like a dysfunctional family,” Hart told

“We had family rifts but also moments of great joy.”

The Killer Magic quintet demonstrated their magic to me when I went to speak to them ahead of the exciting show.

Chris Cox reads Becky Barnes' mind

Click on the picture above to see Chris Cox cleverly reading my mind.

Damien O'Brien and Becky Barnes

Click on this video above to see Damien O’Brien mystically find the card I picked by burning another card.

Jasz Vegas and Becky Barnes

Another clip, which can be viewed by clicking on the photo above, shows the glamorous Jasz Vegas magically catch a card I had scribbled a (very poorly drawn) mouse in a trap.

Ben Hart and Becky Barnes

And in this clip (click the picture), Ben Hart somehow repairs a piece of rope even though I cut it with scissors – both real and imaginary. You’ll have to watch it to understand.

In the six-part TV series, whoever scores the lowest for their magic trick in each episode will face tricks that have been favourites of the iconic Houdini and endurance artist David Blaine.

From a bath of ice and the table of death to electric shocks and being sawn in half, the notorious illusions are bound to have you holding your breath.

Killer Magic is on BBC Three every Tuesday at 10pm from March 24.

Photo and video credit: Killer Magic

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