I'm a Celebrity: Jack Maynard admits to ‘absolutely disgraceful’ actions

The YouTube star left the ITV show after just two days.

Press Association
Last updated:01 December 2017 - 10.09am

Ex-I’m A Celebrity campmate Jack Maynard has spoken of his shame after having to leave the TV show.

The YouTube star left the series after just two days, as he faced allegations of racism and homophobia, with old tweets emerging online.

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Maynard, 23, told The Sun his behaviour was “absolutely disgraceful” and “totally unacceptable”, adding: “I am truly, truly, truly sorry about all of the past comments I made.”

He said he is “certainly not homophobic” and of his use of the N-word, told the newspaper: “I wish I had taken a step back and thought about the history of that word and how much hurt it has brought to so many people.”

On his messages to a 14-year-old girl, Maynard said: “I was 16 at the time, I wasn’t aware that she was 14. We had some flirty messages between me and her which got out of hand. What I said to her was disgusting and very, very unfair.”

Maynard said he should not have joked about rape, adding: “All I can really do is hold my hands up and apologise.”

He said he was “very upset” about leaving I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and “broke down in the hotel”, telling the newspaper: “I was so upset with myself”.

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