I'm a Celebrity: The six most memorable meltdowns

TOWIE star Gemma Collins failed to cope with jungle life in 2014 on I'm A Celebrity, but she’s not the only one to have found it tough…

The I'm a Celebrity jungle has helped save careers and revive many a fading star down the years, but the ITV reality show isn't always the best destination for Z-listers, ex-popstars and disgraced politicians.

Forced to battle hunger, bugs and mundane conversation with fellow not-so-famous campers, there have been plenty of contestants who have crumbled down the years.

Here are six of the most epic jungle meltdowns.

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1. Gemma Collins

Things started badly when the TOWIE favourite broke down in tears even before her helicopter into camp had even left the ground, claiming she felt sick and scared and opting to drive into the jungle instead.

Then just as she was telling her camp-mates how she was over the panic attacks, a bug in her hair prompted a mini-meltdown, before she threatened to kill herself if she and her new jungle chums weren’t given a “treat”.

Later, Essex girl Gemma was ‘emosh’ when she thought she might have malaria and it only a matter of days before she gave up on the whole show and escaped the jungle for good.

2. Natalie Appleton

Former All Saints singer Nat had a dramatic time in the jungle. When she wasn't warring with model Sophie Anderton, she was refusing to do challenges or crying out for her mum.

One bushtucker trial proved too much for Appleton, who walked out to avoid subjecting herself to another round of creepy crawlies.

3. Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

Like Collins, ex-Corrie star Flanagan was in floods of tears before she even entered the jungle. Then she had the misfortune of being selected for trial after trial, which, more often than not, she failed – if she didn’t just walk away altogether.

Throw in sleep deprivation and scant food supplies and it’s no wonder the soap star cried so often and looked so utterly relieved to see her mum again when she was booted out.

4. Brian Harvey

East 17 singer Harvey was already in a fragile state when he entered the jungle after his grandmother died. Once there, he blew his top when Janet Street Porter complained about him passing wind while she was cooking. Fed up with the food, flies and fights about farting, Harvey eventually quit the show.

5. Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith
‘Poo Doctor’ Gillian had a terrible time of it. Moments before a bucktucker trial was about to begin she fainted live on air and was given an oxygen mask to help get her breath back while Linford Christie gallantly took on the bugs in her place.

At one point, McKeith told viewers she was on the verge of "mental exhaustion". Crikey. After a gruelling run of trials, the nutritionist became the first contestant to refuse one, leaving herself and her campmates without food for the night.

6. Rebecca Adlington

Olympic gold medallist Adlington broke down in tears when she discussed female beauty with her jungle mates.

The star swimmer told how Twitter comments about her looks had made her feel insecure, prompting jungle friends Laila Morse and Lucy Pargeter to rally around her.

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