Where was Innocent filmed? The locations used in the ITV thriller

Lee Ingleby and Hermione Norris star in the murder mystery, which was shot in multiple locations across Ireland and England.

ITV’s compelling and complex murder mystery Innocent is an addictive four-part series, which is being aired Monday to Thursday this week.

Starring Lee Ingleby and David Collins, a man convicted of murdering his wife, the series picks up when he is released on a technicality seven years on.

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Is David really guilty? Or is someone not telling the truth about the night his wife Tara died? The thrilling new series will viewers hooked with its compelling and emotional story.

Where is Innocent filmed?

Lee Ingleby in ITV thriller Innocent

The two main filming locations were Malahide, near Dublin and Bosham, West Sussex.

Writer Chris Lang said. “We took the cast to Dublin for two months, to shoot in the stunning Irish countryside, and then brought back to the south coast of England for a week, to film in beautiful Bosham harbour.

Bosham was previously used for an episode of Midsomer Murders.

“We could not be more pleased with what we have made. We hope it will move you, we hope it will surprise you, we hope it will provoke you (in a good way!) and who knows, if it does, and the audience agree, there could be an ‘Innocent II’.”

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Star Daniel Ryan, who plays David’s faithful brother Phil, joked: “We filmed in a very rural spot north of Dublin, with nothing much else, but the local pub was kind of handy.”

Hermione Norris, who plays the sister of David’s late wife, added: “We were in a place called Malahide near Dublin. I loved the crew and working in Ireland. I met some fantastic people there. I loved Malahide and Dublin, which is a really beautiful city.”

Another confirmed filming location is The Inn on the Beach pub in Haying Island, Hampshire.

What is Innocent?

Innocent on ITV

The drama series tells the compelling story of David Collins (Lee Ingleby) who is living a nightmare.

Convicted of murdering his wife Tara, David has served seven years in prison. He’s lost everything he held dear: his wife, his two children and even the house he owned. He’s always protested his innocence and faces the rest of his life behind bars. 

His situation couldn’t be more desperate. Despised by his wife’s family and friends, his only support has been his faithful brother Phil (Daniel Ryan) who has stood by him, sacrificing his own career and livelihood to mount a tireless campaign to prove his brother’s innocence. Convinced of his guilt, Tara’s childless sister Alice (Hermione Norris) and her husband Rob (Adrian Rowlins) are now parents to David’s children.

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They’ve become a successful family unit and thanks to the proceeds of David’s estate enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, which is very different to when Tara was alive. For Alice there’s no doubt of his guilt and she’s utterly devastated by the prospect of David’s Appeal and Re-trial. DI William Beech (Nigel Lindsay) who led the original investigation into Tara’s murder has a lot to lose if David’s conviction is rendered unsafe.

Charges of slanting the inquiry and potential misconduct would see him professionally humiliated and even suspended. Waiting in the wings should David be acquitted is his junior DI Cathy Hudson (Angel Coulby). However, unknown to anyone but themselves is the fact that they are deep in a relationship. To David’s total and utter astonishment he is acquitted on a technicality and although suspicion still hangs heavy over him, he is free to walk from court and to begin the long road to rebuilding his life and to restore his reputation. But at what cost to him personally and those around him?

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Will David win a custody battle to reclaim his children as he seeks to establish his absolute innocence? With relationships permanently fractured and David emotionally at rock bottom he finds himself in a very dark place. Will Alice accept the court’s decision and can she and David be reconciled? And what of David’s best friend Tom Wilson (Elliott Cowan) who reneged on his alibi on the night of Tara’s murder?

Is tenacious Cathy Hudson’s review of the case an investigation David should fear? What will this mean for their relationship? What will this mean for her relationship with Will? And will she uncover the truth of exactly what happened on the night Tara was murdered?

Innocent airs on ITV over four consecutive nights, starting from Monday May 14.

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Episode 3 preview:

Tom awakens from a night of heavy drinking and he tries to piece together details of the night before. His numerous, desperate calls to Melissa all remain unanswered.

Phil admits to David that he's been laid off. It's a return to form when David hands him some cash in an attempt to partly repay his debt of gratitude he feels towards his brother. But the cash comes at a high price as David sells his story to a newspaper.

The Police investigation focuses on Alice and any motivation for killing her sister. There are many facts that could point to her as the murderer and indeed Rob. Seizing on the possibilities the revelations suggest, Cathy calls in Rob for questioning. Caught off guard Rob confronts Alice wondering what she's said to incriminate him so forcibly.

Under close questioning Rob maintains innocence. He was out driving but his route undoubtedly have taken him past Tara's route home but he adamantly denies having seen her. Cathy also asks Rob whether his job entails working with ropes at the boatyard.

Cathy's case review reveals so many shortcomings in Will's original investigation that Hillman suspends him which threatens to destroy his career.


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