Innocent episode 1 review: Burning questions and theories in the new ITV murder mystery

We round up the suspects and burning questions in the crime drama.

Stripping a series across a single week can be quite a commitment for viewers, but in the case of ITV’s addictive crime thriller Innocent, the pay-off is worth the investment.

Starring Lee Ingleby, Hermione Norris, Daniel Ryan and Nigel Lindsay and written by Chris Lang (Unforgotten, A Mother’s Son), the series is an old fashioned whodunnit with an original twist.

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Innocent on ITV

David Collins (Ingleby) has been acquitted on a technicality after seven years in jail for the murder of his wife Tara. David has always protested his innocence, but only his brother Phil (Ryan) has stood by him and campaign for his freedom.

Tara’s sister Alice (Norris) and her husband Rob (Adrian Rawlins) now have custody of David’s kids and still believe he is guilty of murder. Meanwhile, despite a bungled case, involving breaches of protocol with cross-contamination of blood, the police still believe David is guilty.

However, with new detective DI Cathy Hudson (Angel Coulby) and team on the case, the flaws in the original investigation throw up some possible new suspects that have some questions to answer.

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Here are the five burning questions after episode 1…

1. How did the blood get on David's jacket


The key evidence in the original case, which got David convicted and consequently freed was the blood found on his jacket.
The blood matched Tara’s, which along with accusations of domestic violence was enough to convince the original jury of his guilt.
However, the forensic science services involved in the investigation were later found to have routinely broken cross-contamination protocol, effectively ruling the evidence redundant.

Was that a lucky escape for David, or was the blood on his jacket part of a larger conspiracy to have his convicted?

2. What were Tara and Alice fighting about?


On the night of Tara’s death, an evening of food and drink turned violent between the sisters. A waitress revealed to DI Hudson that the pair ended up in a confrontation in the smoking area outside the restaurant.

Alice had Tara by the throat and pinned against the wall. What was the row about and was did Alice take matters one step further later in the evening?

3. How did Tara get a fractured cheekbone?

She said that she was mugged, but was that a cover-up for her husband’s violence at home. Alice and Tara’s parents believe that David was abusing Tara, but can anyone back up that accusation outside of her family?

4. Why did Dr Tom change his story?

Ladies man Dr Tom (Elliot Cowan) is about to have his life turned upside down by David’s release.

A former friend, Tom changed his story about the night of Tara’s murder, changing the timings of his drinks and card game with David, throwing his pal under the bus.

The doctor took three days to change his original statement, was sleeping with Tara and his ex-wife has some info on the case that she is using to blackmail him. All things considered, he’s looking guilty of extreme stupidity at the very least.

5. Why did the police cover up the waitress story?

ITV Innocent

The original officer DI Will Beech (Nigel Lindsay) still believes that David is guilty, but it looks like he covered up the waitress statement about Alice fighting with Tara.

Was he just hiding the evidence to get a conviction on someone he genuinely believed to be guilty, or was this a larger conspiracy against an innocent man.

The four main suspects – who is guilty?

David Collins


We’ve seen his temper in action and he believes Tara was having an affair with Dr Tom. Was that enough to tip him over the edge and kill his wife?



The sister had a violent scrap with Tara on the night of her death and ended up with the kids and family she always dreamed of when David was convicted. Is her anger about David’s release covering up her own fears?

Dr Tom Wilson


The doctor who struggles to keep his trousers on had been having an affair with Tara and his ex-wife is blackmailing him with some secrets about the case. And what was the real reason he changed his alibi three days after his original statement.

DI Will Beech

The original investigator ignored evidence from a waitress who saw Alice and Tara fighting to get David convicted. How deep does the police cover-up run?

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