Innocent: Will there be a series 2?

Writer Chris Lang reveals whether he would like to bring the crime drama back to ITV.

ITV’s Innocent has been a smash hit this week with all four episodes pulling in millions of viewers, making it the channel’s most successful drama launch of 2018.

Starring Lee Ingleby and Hermione Norris, the drama follows the story of David Collins who is released from prison after seven years on a technicality for the murder of his wife.

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The case is reopened and the whodunnit, which has been stripped across a single week of television, has had the nation hooked.

In Thursday night’s (May 17th) finale, the killer is revealed, but with the show’s popularity there is already talk about the show returning.

Will there be a series 2?

Innocent on ITV

Speaking about a possible second series, writer Chris Lang hinted that he already had ideas for a sequel.

“We could not be more pleased with what we have made,” he said. “We hope it will move you, we hope it will surprise you, we hope it will provoke you (in a good way!) and who knows, if it does, and the audience agree, there could be an ‘Innocent II’.”

However, viewers might have a while to wait for series 2 and he’s currently working on a full series of Dark Heart with Tom Riley, a French romantic comedy for Netflix and a third series of ITV’s critically acclaimed crime drama Unforgotten.

Will it be about the same characters?

The finale answers all the questions that have been swirling around the series, so it seems more likely there will be a totally different set of characters.

However, Angel Coulby’s DI Cathy Hudson could in theory return to solve a different crime.

Episode 4 of Innocent preview:


David's desperate attempt to earn money to support his children and repay his debts backfires when a tabloid newspaper sensationalises his story. Jack and Rosie are mortified and David has to work hard to win them round.

Melissa returns to her house to collect her clothes and is confronted by an angry Tom who is astonished at her recent behaviour. She retaliates accusing him of denial, lies and deceit.  Later at work, Tom is interrupted by his former wife Louise who makes demands upon him. Things get heated and an awkward scene develops which leads to humiliation and ruin.

Cathy's enquiries into Rob and Alice intensify and Det.Supt. Hillman urges her to hold Rob for further questioning and to establish tangible evidence to support a murder charge.

Leaving his office late at night C.Supt. Hillman opens a package containing some photographs which leads him to make a snap decision.

As Phil plays with the children in the garden David makes a discovery.

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The series finale airs at 9pm from Monday to Thursday on ITV.

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