Innocent's 5 key suspects: Who killed Tara Collins - Have your say

The ITV drama series has had millions gripped all week and will reveal the killer in tonight's finale.

Secrets, lies and butterfly knots. ITV's Innocent has been gripping the nation all week with its murder mystery about the death of Tara Collins.

Following the release of her husband David (Lee Ingleby) after seven years in jail for her murder, the case is reopened and there are five key suspects going into tonight's finale. Have you sleuthed out the real killer?

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Take a look at five main suspects below and vote in our poll at the botton of the page.

The key suspects

1. David Collins

Lee Ingleby

Although the evidence is stacking up against everyone else, the twists and turns in this series mean that we can’t rule him out.
He seems to have DI Cathy Hudson on his side, but is she being naïve about the man with plenty of motive - she was having at least one affair during their marriage.

He may now have an alibi from Tom Collins and the blood on the jacket has been explained, but could there still be something we don't know about David?

2. Alice

Hermione Norris

The anger and resentment between the sisters was clear to see in text messages discovered by the police, which were ignored in the first case. She also owed her sister £20,000 for three rounds of private IVF treatment.

Her continual lies to the police and determination to bring down David are now starting to bring suspicion to her own behaviour. The only big question mark is whether she had the physical strength and means to kill Tara.

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3. Rob

Rob in Innocent

He seems too much of a gentle soul for murder, but the man knows how to do a mean butterfly knot. Could he have been pushed too far by Tara over the money for the IVF and rows with his wife?

It's now been revealed that he was doing 57mph in a 30mph zone and that he would have been passing Tara at the train station on the night she died. He insists he was just driving to a pharmacist to get anti-depressants for his wife, but what would have happened if he did see Tara on the way?

3. Phil Collins

Phil Collins

He's campaigned for years to get his brother free, but there's somethin unusual about the way that Phil has acted since his brother was released. Rather than trying to find the true killer, he's been keen for David to stop "chasing shadows" and move on. His look of concern when his ex was mentioned also implied that there is something in his past, which will be exposed in the finale.

4. DCI William Beech

There’s nothing to connect him to Tara and David, but his dodgy policing and methods show that he was determined to take down David Collins. Did he just want a result - or was there a larger conspiracy at play?

5. Tom Wilson


He was sleeping with Tara, he’s a liar, a cheat and can’t stop changing his story. He seems too obvious to be the murderer, but he’s a rotten egg.

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