Is Cash Trapped better than The Chase? Bradley Walsh’s new quiz show comes to ITV - review

Was Bradley Walsh’s brand new quiz show a hit or a miss? And was it better than The Chase? We rate the first episode of ITV’s Cash Trapped.

Viewers who hadn’t checked the TV schedules today would have had a shock tuning in to ITV at 5pm.

Bradley Walsh was hosting a quiz show. But it wasn’t The Chase.

Instead, the presenter and actor was fronting a brand new programme called Cash Trapped.

The idea for the show was conceived by Bradley himself, who revealed that he has played this show at home with his family.

When the show was announced, he said: “I’m looking forward to seeing how the ITV audience enjoy ‘Cash Trapped’. It was an idea I came up with in my dressing room about 10 years ago whilst in between scenes on a drama.

Cash Trapped

“I took the idea to Helen Warner at ITV last year and she hooked me up with my old pal Glenn Hugill who helped me knock it into shape. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

And at teatime today, we saw the finished product.

Six contestants – Cat, Steven, Gloria, Giles, Es and Carolynne – were each fighting it out, sabotaging one another and trying to trap each other out of the game.

For the first two rounds, Cash Trapped was pedestrian. As the contestants answered multiple-choice questions and trapped each other out of certain rounds, the show felt as though it lacked any real excitement.

However, in round three things got more interesting. The sums that each of the six contestants had accumulated in the first two rounds were put on a leaderboard and each played had 45 seconds to answer as many questions as they could. With each right answer worth £500, their totals were ever-changing, and it was exciting to see who would emerge triumphant at the top and go through to the final round.

As Cat went through with £6,900 she then had to try and escape the show and leave with the cash. Succeed and she would walk away with the money while everyone else’s accumulated totals would be reset to zero. Fail and she would have to return the next day and start again with nothing.

Cash Trapped

At least from the halfway mark, Cash Trapped was somewhat enjoyable. And if nothing else, the concept was innovative and offered something different to the majority of quiz shows on television right now.

But will Cash Trapped become as popular and well-loved as Bradley Walsh’s other quiz vehicle? We doubt it. The beauty of The Chase is not only the thrill of, well, the chase – but also in the interactions between the Chasers, the contestants and Walsh himself.

Cash Trapped was certainly enjoyable, but it wasn’t a classic.

What did you think of Cash Trapped? Let us know in the Comments below.

Photo credit: ITV

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