JK Rowling and Val McDermid show their love for Strictly Susan’s Wonder Woman

The comedian’s superhero statement performance was a winner with fans at home.

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Last updated:07 October 2017 - 10.20pm

Writers JK Rowling and Val McDermid hinted which Strictly Come Dancing contestant has their hearts as they Tweeted their support for Susan Calman’s Wonder Woman performance.

The Scottish comedian delighted the audience, judges and viewers with her performance on the BBC One contest’s movie-themed week on Saturday, dancing the first samba of the series with partner Kevin Clifton.

The Harry Potter author lauded it the best television she has ever seen as Calman swapped the traditional man-woman positions by spinning Clifton on the floor, and the pair included Beyonce’s signature body-pump move.

Rowling, who Tweeted earlier that she had tuned in late and hoped she had not missed Calman, commented: “@SusanCalman That might have been the best thing I’ve ever seen on television. #StrictlyComeDancing2017.”

Meanwhile, Scottish crime writer McDermid and spouse Jo Sharp cheered Calman on by Tweeting pictures of themselves in their own Wonder Woman outfits.

The comments came two days after Calman, 42, posted a photo of her niece in the costume and called on all her fans to be Wonder Woman on Saturday.

Following the performance, a swathe of fans added their praise, with Graeme Shield commenting: “Can’t stop smiling. Wonder(ful) Woman!”

Calman then sealed her performance with a kiss, planting a lipsticked smack on judge Craig Revel Horwood’s cheek before receiving a total score of 20 from the panel.

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