Jodie Comer: The Killing Eve star’s best TV shows

Doctor Foster and My Mad Fat Diary have helped make the actress a star.

If Jodie Comer has ever worried about being able to show her acting range, her next role in Killing Eve should put her mind at rest.

She plays Villanelle, a charismatic but incredibly dangerous, psychopathic assassin who is being hunted by a newly-recruited MI6 agent bored of her desk-bound career so far.

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Where have we seen Jodie before? Cast your mind back over some of her best roles to date.

My Mad Fat Diary (2013-2015)

More than just a teen series, this comedy-drama with its themes of mental health issues and 90s setting gained a cult following.

The lead character, Rae (Sharon Rooney), had just spent four months in a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt and was trying to rejoin life in the outside world by reconnecting with best mate Chloe (Jodie) and her gang.

During the three series, Chloe faced an abortion, a relationship with a teacher, and many more break ups as one of the central stars.

Full of 90s pop culture references and all the angst of growing up, My Mad Fat Diary found a special place in viewers’ hearts.

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Remember Me (2014)

The mini-series Remember Me helped propel Jodie into the spotlight by casting her alongside Michael Palin.

She played care assistant Hannah, who became closely attached to one of her patients, Tom (Michael Palin), thanks to a series of strange and spooky events.

As she helped Tom to explore his past, she discovered a dark secret that continued to haunt him in this creepy tale.

Thirteen (2016)

Jodie’s first true starring role which saw her lead a cast was Thirteen, where she played kidnap victim Ivy Moxam.

Her character had gone missing years previously as a teenager, and though she later reappeared as a young woman, she struggled to adjust to everyone around her having grown up and moved on with life.

The compulsive BBC Three series was full of mystery as Ivy’s story unfolded and she struggled to cut ties with her abductor, leading to a tense final episode.

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The White Princess (2017)

Going for a change of style in 2017, Jodie signed up to period drama The White Princess.

She starred as Elizabeth of York in this adaptation of the Philippa Gregory book, where the story follows her marriage to Henry VII and her status as daughter of the White Queen, aka Elizabeth Woodville.

The series saw her star alongside Jacob Collins-Levy, Essie Davis, Kenneth Cranham, and Suki Waterhouse.

Doctor Foster (2015-2017)

One of the most-talked-about shows of recent years, Doctor Foster was a huge break for Jodie – especially her heavily featured role in series two.

The drama starred Suranne Jones as Doctor Foster, a woman who discovered that not only had her husband been cheating on her, but that her entire community had been in on the lie.

Kate (Jodie) was the other, much younger, woman and the scene in which the pair confronted each other around Kate’s family dinner table was one of the most memorable of 2015.

When the programme returned for a second series in 2017, Kate was much more prominent as viewers found out more about her side of the story.

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