Kate Beckinsale pays tribute to father Richard on anniversary of death

The actress posted a picture on Instagram.

Press Association
Last updated:19 March 2017 - 08.20pm

Kate Beckinsale has paid tribute to her father Richard Beckinsale, 38 years after his death.

The Porridge actor died of a heart attack on March 19 1979 when he was 31 and actress Kate was just five.

She posted a black and white picture of her father on Instagram to mark the anniversary.

Kate, 43, told her 676,000 followers: “My dad’s best friend has sent my mum and me flowers on the day he died every single year since.

“He has been sending flowers for more years than my dad lived. It’s today.

“With love and awe at humans rescuing other humans, and that love really does never die, thank you … and love to everyone who is missing someone.”

Kate Beckinsale (John Stillwell/PA)
Kate Beckinsale (John Stillwell/PA)

Richard Beckinsale played prison inmate Lennie Godber in classic 1970s sitcom Porridge. He was also known for playing medical student Alan Moore in the sitcom Rising Damp.

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