Killer twist: Line of Duty episode 5 – The questions everyone wants answered

The breathtaking penultimate episode has left the BBC drama on a knife-edge. Will justice be done and who will survive the finale?

Warning: The following recap will feature spoilers for series three, episode five of Line of Duty.

Line of Duty’s 90-minute final episode is already being excitingly billed as 'one of the greatest TV finales of all time'.

However, let's not get ahead of ourselves because this week's breathless and taut penultimate episode wasn't too shabby either.

A shock death (farewell Denton!), a shotgun showdown, more twists than a bowl of spaghetti in a washing machine and a cliffhanger that will have left viewers screaming for more; writer Jed Mercurio delivered a masterclass in thrilling drama.

Here are the six burning questions we have after the latest episode:

1. Can we not bring back Denton?

Line of Duty

Denton foolishly trusted the dodgy Dot to take her to the nearest police station to reveal the details about Danny Waldron's list, but getting in that car was her biggest mistake yet. We can't have been the only viewers screaming at her to take the bus instead.

Throughout series two of Line of Duty, there was a constant question mark over Denton? Was she a troubled soul who was being exploited and set up or was she a dark and devilish mastermind?

As ever in Line of Duty, the answer was somewhere in the dark and murky grey area inbetween, but Keeley Hawes's performance as the fringe-tastic fired copper meant viewers couldn't help but warm to her.

So surely we can't have been the only ones dismayed and distraught that Dot pulled the trigger and killed her in tonight’s final?

Her death came just when we'd started plotting out a Denton and Arnott spinoff where they go around hunting criminals together in a Scooby-Doo style van.

2. Who is the Caddy working for?

Line of Duty (BBC)

Dot pulled the trigger on Denton, but not before she reduced the bent copper to tears in an epic showdown.

Would Dot really have let her go if she'd promised to not reveal any information and disappear? And did Denton call out his true colours when she said that he was a middle man who didn't like to get his hands dirty?

Considering everything Dot's done so far, the murder of Denton didn't come easily, which does back up the theory that he's answerable to some far greater powers who have a hold over him.

Maybe it is Patrick Fairbrank and those dodgy sideburns that are controlling the Caddy. He was certainly in a sweat when he saw the former Vice squad boss pulled in for questioning.

3. Is Steve Arnott going to get framed?

Line of Duty

Denton's managed to send Danny Waldron's list and Dot’s forensics are going to be all over the vehicle that she died in – so is he doomed?

Possibly. But with Arnott already in the frame as the Caddy and Fleming turning on her former partner, perhaps Dot will just use this to his advantage again.

Did Dot switch the numberplates to reveal that he was using Arnott’s vehicle? And Dot could use the fact Arnott and Denton had been working together as a strong motive.

4. Is Gill corrupt?

One minute she's wining and dining Hastings and acting like she's an innocent lonely lawyer looking for love.

The next she's delivering cunningly redacted files without key information and issuing worrying threats to AC-12.

There have been signs of Gill being a wrong 'un since the start of the series, but whether she's merely got her hands tied or is actually involved in the cover-up remains to be seen.

5. What happened to Hari and Leanne?

Line of Duty (BBC)

It's more of a sidenote than a question, but it was slightly strange to not see Hari or Leanne, the two surviving members of Danny Waldron's squad in this episode at all.

Next week's extended finale will hopefully allow the show plenty of time to wrap up all the characters loose ends, not just those in AC-12.

6. Will Hastings be the hero?

It looks like the masonic handshake from last week was a red herring – phew.

There's definitely something fishy in Hasting’s past, but it appears that his sense of right or wrong trumps any connections he may have and he's willing to stand up to his old pal Patrick Fairbank, wonky handshake or no wonky handshake.

Line of Duty

With the details of Gill’s dodgy dossier and the possibility of nailing Fairbank and Dale Roach in his grasp, Hastings could be our potential hero of the hour. Don't blow it Ted.

Line of Duty concludes on Thursday, April 28 with a special 90-minute episode.

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