Viewers hit out at Sarah Lancashire drama Kiri for 'inaccuracies'

The Channel 4 series is criticised for its portrayal of social work.

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Last updated:11 January 2018 - 08.24pm

Television viewers were blown away by Sarah Lancashire’s performance in missing child drama Kiri, although there was disappointment over “inaccuracies” in the portrayal of social work.

The four-part series follows social worker Miriam Grayson, who is caught up in a police investigation when a nine-year-old girl disappears while on a supervised visit.

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Viewers were full of praise for Lancashire’s powerhouse of a performance as Grayson.

“Sarah Lancashire is an absolute national treasure. What a performance, as per,” said one person on Twitter.

“Everything Sarah Lancashire touches turns to brilliance #Kiri is no different,” praised another impressed viewer.

One said the actress was “on another level”.

However, social media was also flooded with messages from people saying the case would not have been handled as it was in the programme.

One person tweeted: “If I wasn’t a social worker or cared how SW is portrayed I’d think Kiri was fantastic. Great actors and a dramatic plot – the kind of stuff good TV is made of.

“However, cliches, stereotypes and inaccuracies for an hour – perhaps, less BAFTA & more ‘could do better’ award.”

Another called it “a completely inaccurate representation of child protection”.

One said it was “the most inaccurate attempt to recreate social work”.

The viewer continued: “We don’t drink alcohol coffee, we wouldn’t be called straight to a police station, and we wouldn’t be more bothered about our dog to supervise the visit. #EastEnders managed a better job at this rate!”

Kiri continues on Channel 4.

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