Konnie Huq is Britain's favourite Blue Peter presenter ever

She joked that she may have won because husband Charlie Brooker ramped up the support.

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Last updated: 12 January 2017 - 11.14am

Konnie Huq has said her many years as a host on Blue Peter were “worthwhile” as she was named Britain’s favourite ever presenter of the popular children’s TV show.

A poll conducted by Radio Times saw just under 7,000 people voting for their top Blue Peter stars of the past six decades, with Konnie achieving a whopping 30.18% of the vote.

She beat the likes of Richard Bacon, Matt Baker and Janet Ellis to the top spot.

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq (Hannah McKay/PA)

Of her accolade, the 41-year-old TV star – who appeared on Blue Peter from December 1997 until January 2008 – said: “I did do 10 years on that show, so it’s nice to think that people have fond memories hopefully of my time.

“What’s funny is, because I was on it for so long, is that now I meet people, assume they’re my peers and they’re like, ‘I grew up with you!’

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq in her Blue Peter days in 1997 (Ben Curtis/PA)

“I think I presented probably with 10 different presenters, it was quite an innings. But it was worth it, I feel like it’s all been worthwhile now.”

She also said that she probably won because her husband Charlie Brooker was encouraging people to vote on Twitter.

Of beating the legendary John Noakes, who is the longest-running presenter with 12 years under his belt between 1965 and 1978, Konnie said: “I was considering saying at 5 o’clock, I’m transferring all my votes to John Noakes!

“Because it would have been nice. He’s the original – the one that you think of, I think – when you hear Blue Peter.”

Richard, who was fired from presenting Blue Peter in 1998 after 18 months, came in second place with 19.77% of the vote.

John was third with 11.86%, The One Show’s Matt was fourth with 6.48% and Janet Ellis was fifth with 4.47%.

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