Liar: Who do you believe in the dark ITV drama? Clues, questions and 5 talking points

The Joanne Froggatt drama his viewers hooked already. Who do you think is telling the truth?

"Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit to either."

From the creators of The Missing, ITV's Liar looks set to be equally as thrilling and hypnotic as the smash hit BBC drama series.

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Based around a single night, told from two very different perspectives, the battle for the truth between smart and dedicated teacher Laura (Joanne Froggatt) and renowned surgeon Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) already has us hooked after episode one.

Laura believes that Andrew drugged and raped her after she invited him into her flat following their first date. Andrew claims that they had a great time and their activity in the bedroom was consensual.

Who is telling the truth? For the time being, viewers are going to be left guessing. Here were the five main talking points and burning questions after episode 1.

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1. Were the wine glasses swapped?

Joanne Froggatt

Laura believes that the reason she can't remember anything is because Andrew knew the exact amount of drugs to place in her drink without it showing up on tests.

The fact their wine glasses were put in dishwasher suggests that someone was trying to cover up the crime. If you throw in the old 'my phone has run out of battery'  trick, it's conceivable Andrew planned the whole thing.

2. What really happened with Andrew's ex-wife?

ITV Liar

Laura’s ex Tom (Warren Brown) is investigating Andrew’s past to see if he’s as squeaky clean and honourable as he first appears.
Could there be more to his ex-wife’s death than we know about and could he ultimately be responsible?

3. What health issues is Laura battling?

Her past “issues” were continually alluded to in the first episode, although we’re yet to discover whether she’s had anything diagnosed or any event has occurred that would place a black mark over her accusations.

The insinuation was that she’s taken medication for mental health problems in the past, which might be pulled apart by a legal team or jury, but doesn’t necessarily alter the truth about what happened that night.

4. Will Katy and Tom's secret romance jeopardise the case?

ITV Liar

The main sub-plot of the episode was Laura’s sister’s affair with her ex Tom. Tom has only just left Laura’s home and Katy is married with kids, so if they’re exposed, the fall-out could be explosive.

Will discovering their affair send Laura spiralling back into mental health issues and could the pair’s attempts to make up for their misdemeanours by protecting Laura actually harm her case.

If it’s discovered that either has tried influencing the investigation, it could backfire and end up helping out Andrew.

5. Who do we believe?

Liar - ITV

Apparently, all will be revealed in episode three, before some further twists shake up the show. However, for the time being this is the big question that we can’t stop thinking about.

At the moment, we’re leaning towards Laura telling the truth. We find it hard to believe ITV would make a series about a woman crying rape, even if was to do with her mental health rather than deliberate malice.

It would make more sense for Andrew to have a dark side and for him to manipulate Laura’s past and her families secrets to protect himself.

We also think Ioan Gruffudd makes for the perfect villain, rivalling even Doctor Foster’s Bertie Carvel for a sinister smile.

The Joanne Froggatt drama his viewers hooked already. Who do you think is telling the truth?

Liar airs Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

Catch up on BT TV via the ITV Hub now.

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