Line of Duty episode 4: The five burning questions everyone wants answered

As the show heads towards its conclusion, there is a surprise return from an old face and the cop drama takes another major twist. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Just when you're starting to think you’ve got a handle on Line of Duty, writer Jed Mercurio puts our heads in yet another spin.

After the slightly more sedate episode three, this week’s instalment featured another shock comeback from an old foe and even the most lovable and dependable of characters, now has a murky grey cloud hanging over him. Hastings couldn't really be the one pulling the strings of The Caddy could he?

Here are the five burning questions we need answers for after episode four:

1. How did Dot become the Caddy?

Line of Duty (BBC)

Dot was in tears at the end of last week's episode, seemingly buckling under the pressure of so many lies and cover-ups that no amount of evenings in with lukewarm chilli is going to make the phones stop ringing and everything go away.

The obvious questions is what is Dot's motivation? Is this all just because of some gambling debts?

However, Dot isn't going to go down without a fight and although he may be on the backfoot as hidden clues and secrets begin to fall into place, for the moment he remains one step ahead of AC-12 at all times. Why can nobody see his cunning ploys and creepy tea-slurping games yet?

Hari Bains is taking the flak for the deaths of Danny and Rod and even though he is now aware Dot’s a wrong-un, something is scaring Hari into not revealing more details.

Dot is clearly ready to hang up his corrupt police badge and retire as The Caddy, but whether he can escape justice remains to be seen.

2. Is Hastings in on the sex abuse cover-up?

Line of Duty

We don’t want it to be true, but we have to ask the question – is Superintendent Hastings involved in the boys school sex abuse cover up?

He had clearly tipped off his old pal and colleague Patrick Fairbank (George Costigan) about AC-12’s investigation into the old case, but was his secret masonic handshake hinting at something even more sinister? Please let this all be one big bad red herring.

Line of Duty

3. What will Denton do next?

Keeley Hawes was only in a handful of scenes in last night’s episode, but every time she is on screen, we never want it to end.

Whether she’s turning the tables on AC-12 with one of Mercurio’s hypnotic, rapid-fire interview scenes or getting her revenge on the world in the most vicious and brutal fashion imaginable – we're still wincing and keeping our legs crossed.

She's currently mopping the floors of ASDA to make ends meet, but we'd love to see her teaming up with AC-12 full-time to catch The Caddy. If there's one person who can catch Dot and bring him to justice, surely it is Denton.

4. Will Nige reveal all?

Line of Duty - Neil Morrissey

Good evening Neil Morrissey! The Police Officer Behaving Badly Nige, who was a key character in series one of the show, returned last night to cause some more headaches for Dot.

If you aren't up to speed with series one and two, Nige and Dot go way back and are both up their necks in it when it comes to police corruption. He's not as dastardly and evil as Dot, but don’t be fooled by that walking stick, Nige isn’t a man to be messed with.

The big question is whether Nige lied to Dot about the real phone and memory card as an insurance policy or to reveal the truth about The Caddy?

5. What has happened to PC Maneet?

The young PC who appears to be doing all the hard leg work while Arnott and Fleming run around flapping their gums and get all the credit suspiciously disappeared towards the end of last night’s episode.

She's been caught in the middle of one of Dot's attempted cover-ups and she's clearly smart enough to know that there's something fishy going on. Will she be brave enough to challenge him? Or has he already got to her?

Did you enjoy the latest episode of Line of Duty? Do you have any theories about how the series is going to end? Or do you have some questions of your own? Have your say in Comments below.

Photo Credits: BBC/World Productions/Mark Bourdillon

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