Line of Duty series 4 episode 4 review: Who is balaclava man? Is AC-12 over? Is Roz Huntley unstoppable?

The tables are turned on AC-12 with some more stunning twists in the corrupt copper drama.

We witnessed last week how Line of Duty’s Jed Mercurio can deliver a knockout twist, but this week’s episode showcased an even more impressive rollercoaster ride of drama.

Line of Duty’s lengthy and complex interrogation sequences are the show’s secret weapon, lifting the series above other bog-standard police procedurals.

This week’s battle between Hastings and Roz Huntley was one of the show’s finest ever head-to-heads, up there with the Lindsay Denton, Dot ‘The Caddy’ Cottan and DS Arnott’s showdowns in series 2 and 3.

Roz has turned the tables on AC-12, exploiting her knowledge of Kate’s undercover operation and Hilton’s desperation to get in her knickers to have Hasting’s team booted off her case and make serious allegations against his team’s own track record and standards.

In the case of balaclava man, we’re no closer to getting the truth about the connection between Michael Farmer, Tim Ifield, the dead girls and the real killer.

However, we do have plenty of fresh questions…

1. What is Maneet up to?

Line of Duty

Not Maneet! Anyone, but Maneet! The reliable and friendly face of AC-12 looks like she’s been doing the dirty on her team and handing over ammunition to ACC Hilton.

Is she doing it for money? Revenge on Hastings for always favouring Kate and Steve? Whatever her motivations, it was a heartbreaking swerve to have her turn heel – even if she did look very reluctant and sheepish.

2. What is Roz and Nick’s relationship status?

Line of Duty

Is Roz Huntley an abusive partner? Nick seems to be a victim of emotional manipulation from his wife, but is everything quite as it seems.

Nick’s look over Roz’s shoulder at the end of the episode suggested that there may still be a darkside to Lee Ingleby’s character. Is he a victim or a villain? We’re 50/50 on this right now.

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3. Is Jodie a sucker or an accomplice?

Line of Duty

Roz’s Operation Trapdoor colleague is a great ally and has done much of her dirty work in cracking the whip on AC-12.

Is she blind to Roz’s faults or is she (and other members of Trapdoor) working together to bring down AC-12 and force through their own case against Michael Farmer.

4. Who will bring Roz down?

Line of Duty

Hastings is fuming and Kate has a murderous look in her eye, but we suspect James Jamie Desford might be the one to rise to the occasion and strike back against Roz.

5. Could Jimmy Lakewell be balaclava man?

Line of Duty

Played with relish by Patrick Baladi, Nick’s lawyer was cocky and suspicious. Lakewell’s name was prominent in last week’s episode and it must be for a good reason. Could he be more than Nick’s legal adviser and friend? There was also something odd about the fact that he had a spare outfit for his client ready.

We reckon we haven’t seen the last of him.

6. Will Steve make a full recovery?

After having his head smashed in and flying down three flights of stairs, we were sure Steve was a goner. His head was scrambled this week and his life is still in the balance. He’s either going to survive and crack the case on Roz or we may get a heartbreaking hospital farewell for the waist-coat loving copper.

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