If you're a fan of the 2003 megahit Love Actually - and who isn't? - you’ll be pleased to hear that a sequel has finally been made. And in even better news, is is all in the name of charity.

Many of the film’s biggest stars are reuniting for a short 10-minute film, to be show on Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day on March 24 on BBC One.

First Look

The first official trailer was released on March 22nd, uniting nearly all the original cast for the short movie.


What is it about?

According to Richard Curtis, writer and director of both the original Love Actually and this new sequel, viewers can expect to find out what some of the film’s most beloved characters have been up to over the last decade.

“Someone has died, someone has got lots of kids, someone has been voted out of office and back into office,” Richard has said.

Who is returning?

Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightly and Chiwetel Ejiofor


All three of the actors in the film’s unrequited eternal triangle have been confirmed as returning for the Love Actually sequel.

From the pictures released, it looks like Keria and Chiwetel are still an on-screen couple while Lincoln’s character’s relationship status is unknown.

Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangsterliam-neeson-love-actually-two

Young Thomas Brodie-Sangster stole our hearts in the original Love Actually as a lovesick schoolboy. Luckily both Thomas and his on-screen dad Liam Neeson have been pictured on the sequel’s set.

Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon martine-hugh-love-actually

According to Curtis, the romance between Prime Minister Hugh Grant and 10 Downing Street tea girl Martine McCutcheon is still going strong. They’re now married and Grant’s character has been re-elected as Prime Minister.

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Hugh Grant in Love Actually 2

Hugh Grant fans can look forward to the actor reprising his famous dance moves in Number 10 Downing Street as McCutcheon confirmed that he would be busting out some fresh moves in the sequel.

"Hugh was dreading it," she revealed.

Richard Curtis revealed last year that the British actor was "hugely grumpy" about shooting the original scene to the Pointer Sisters classic 'Jump (For My Love)'.

Colin Firth


It’s been confirmed that Colin Firth’s character, writer Jamie, will be making a return. He will be joined by his Portuguese girlfriend Aurélia (Lúcia Moniz), but it is not known whether they're still a happy couple.

Bill Nighy


Who can forget the cringe-worthy ageing rock star Bill Nighy played in the original? Luckily his character will definitely be back, and hopefully with a new cheesetastic song to boot.

Rowan Atkinsonrowan-atkinson-love-actually

Rowan Atkinson had a brief cameo in the original film as an overly obsessive jewellery salesman and has confirmed his character will be reprised for the Comic Relief special.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Out of all the stars in the film, Andrew Lincoln's life has transformed the most. When he starred in the original film, he had a small but memorable cameo as a long-distance admirer of Kiera Knightley. Now, he is one of the biggest TV stars in America with the lead role of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.

Will he have found a new love in the sequel? Or will he still be stood outside the cold with his cardboard and marker pen?

Who's not coming back?

Richard says at least a third of the original characters won’t be coming back, and we can confirm that the following definitely won’t be featured:

Emma Thompsonemma-thompson-love-actually

Emma says she and Richard discussed the idea of her character’s reprisal but both decided that it would be too sad and too soon since the untimely death of her on-screen husband Alan Rickman.

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Kris Marshall


We last saw Marshall’s character Colin move to America in his search for love and sadly he won’t be making a return in the comeback.

Apparently Richard did reach out to him by email, but explained that there simply wasn’t enough time in the 10-minute short film to fit in every original character.

Who will be making cameos in the new film?

Kate Moss


Moss made her film debut in 2016’s Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and will be joining the returning cast for the Love Actually sequel. What her role will involve has yet to be explained.

Alfie Deyes


A lot has changed in the world of social media since Love Actually’s original release all the way back in 2003. The rise and influence of social media will undoubtedly be acknowledged in the sequel by featuring a cameo appearance of famed vlogger Alfie Deyes, who we presume will be playing himself.

When is it?

The Love Actually short film will be shown on Red Nose Day on BBC One on Friday, March 24. The exact time has yet to be confirmed.

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