Where is Marcella filmed? The London locations used in the Anna Friel ITV thriller

The Sandi-noir crime drama is back for a second series in 2018 with a major new crime for the troubled detective.

Anna Friel's gripping ITV detective drama Marcella from the pen of acclaimed Scandi-noir writer Hans Rosenfeldt is about to return for a second series.

Here is everything you need to know about where the new series was filmed.

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Where is Marcella filmed?


Set in contemporary London with a British Metropolitan Police Officer at its heart, Marcella is Scandinavian noir on the streets of Britain.

The show is shot across various locations in London. In series one, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Poplar, Will Crooks Estate, Bexley, Haringey and Southwark were used.

Writer Hans Rosenfeldt said: “I didn’t want to create something that was a translation of a Swedish show; so the places, people and colours of London are vital.

“I want it to feel like this story couldn’t be set anywhere else but London.”

He added: “It has been a dream to work here because London and British drama is what we compare ourselves to in Sweden.

“For me, London is a huge city. There are as many people living in London as there are in the whole of Sweden. We just can’t get those big city feelings in Sweden so that gives the drama a completely different edge.”

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What do we find DS Marcella Backland at the start of series 2?

Marcella series 2

“We join the second series a few months on from where the first series ended,” says Anna Friel.

“Marcella seems to be slightly more settled in the sense that she hasn’t had a fugue for a while but of course, in the world of Marcella, her security doesn’t last very long and she’s back off down the road of uncertainty and unsettlement.

“How is the relationship with Jason and her children at the beginning of the series? It’s not great to be honest. She’s really struggling with them and trying to make amends. Jason has moved in with his new girlfriend Becky who is a lot younger than Marcella, it’s a big slam to her ego.

“The children are staying with Jason and that’s really upsetting. When it comes down to it, they have chosen him over her and that’s a massive kick in the guts."

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Is Marcella's coat back?

“It took on a life of its own! The coat sold out following its appearance, which was such a nice form of flattery!” said Friel.

“In this series we are in another season. Last time we started off in the deepest winter, so the coat was reflective of that. In series two we start off in summer and we finished filming in late autumn.

“You never know though, the coat might make an appearance! Marcella is wearing a new coat this series and it’s designed by someone called Joshua Kane. He designed it specifically for Marcella and it’s actually based on a 1910 design. It really fits in with her style; we wanted the coat to be a statement piece without it being a statement piece, maybe like something she just found in her wardrobe that was her grandfathers or something like that.

“I call Marcella the dark knight. I think her style really reflects her emotions. When you’ve been emotionally hurt sometimes you just throw some clothes on and don’t spend so much time on what you look like. She dresses for herself and no one else. She’s a little bit androgynous, a bit urban, and she is very much her own person.”

Who is in the series 2 cast?

Marcella series 2

Returning alongside Anna Friel as the lead Marcella, in the highly praised drama are Ray Panthaki (One Crazy Thing), Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude, Guerrilla), Jamie Bamber (Fearless, NCIS) and Jack Doolan (White Gold). New cast members are also welcomed; Nigel Planer (Episodes, Comic Strip Presents, The Young Ones), Keith Allen (Eddie The Eagle, My Mad Fat Diary), Sophia Brown (Beauty & The Beast, Clique, Disobedience), Peter Sullivan (Cuffs, Critical, The Borgias), Jason Hughes (Three Girls, Midsomer Murders), Victoria Smurfit (Once Upon A Time, Trial & Retribution, The Beach), Yolanda Kettle (The Crown, Love Nina), Josh Herdman (Harry Potter) and Harriet Cains (Line of Duty, Safe House).

What is the case in Marcella series 2?

The story begins with the discovery of a body inside a wall. The body is clothed in a school blazer and surrounded by soft toys; a devastated Marcella soon works out that the body is that of schoolboy Leo Priestley, who was abducted a few years beforehand and a friend of Marcella’s son, Edward. 3 A task-force is quickly pulled together by newly promoted DCI, Tim and we are introduced to a new member of the team, LeAnn. As the investigation progresses, we’re introduced to a number of new characters – a former famous musician Reg and his manager and friend Alan; edgy businessman Vince Whitman and his charity boss wife Maya; a previously convicted criminal Phil Dawkins; sister and brother Gail and Eric; and Becky, the new girlfriend of Marcella’s ex-husband.

Writer Hans Rosenfeldt previews series 2:

Marcella series 2

Marcella is a show that is just as much about Marcella being Marcella as it is about her being a police officer. So, it works best when the case she is working on is connected to her personal life in some way. This time we created a case where her family – her son Edward, more specifically – is involved. The first victim found is a friend of his who disappeared four years ago.

Something else we knew we wanted to keep as a part of the series DNA was telling the story by multiplot. A lot of characters, not all of them immediately connected to the main story or main characters, but eventually ending up there. That’s what I like to do, and it worked well for us last time. But we scaled back a bit on the number of characters this time. 46 minutes aren’t that many and with Marcella, her family, her team and all the other characters, there are a lot of stories to tell.

The team, yes, we made some changes there as well. Five people working with and around Marcella plus Tim Williamson in the same building – as I said, we only have 46 minutes every week. So, Tim became Marcella’s new boss (Remember: work + personal life = good) and we gave her a new partner, Leann Hunter, to create new situations for Marcella and change the team dynamics. And then, of course, we had Marcella’s fugues – her blackouts – to deal with. Early in the process we decided that this would be the season where we focused more on the reasons behind the fugues, than the actual blackouts playing a vital part in the plot. We force her to dig deeper, to find the reason behind them – the trigger event.

So, in a way she is investigating herself for a second time… Oh, and then we needed the crime of course. The motor of our show. And with that the hooks, the twists and the red herrings. This time it’s about child murders. In London. So, after quite a few days together story-lining, we had most of what we needed to start to write series two. We kept what we think is the essence of the show: An exciting, intriguing, fascinating lead character solving a complicated serial killer case in the heart of contemporary London. The only reason to make another series of something is that you think you can do it better than the last time. I can honestly say that Marcella 2 is better than series one. I think so, anyway. Soon we will know what the audience think. I’m looking forward to it.

Episode 6 spoilers and preview

Marcella shows Nigel Stafford into a line up room and he picks out the man he saw at the abandoned house.

The evidence is beginning to stack up against Vince: Karim is still missing and the team discover that a box of toys identical to the ones found around the body had been sent to Red Cow Gifts. Vince realises that Eric may hold the key to making some of his problems go away.

Vince surprises Marcella with the news that Tim has been sleeping with his wife.

The apparent conflict of interest becomes clearer when Tim appears to steer the team away from investigating Maya as part of the investigation.

Alan brings Reg’s confession letter to Marcella. In it he takes full responsibility for the death of Debbie Canavan. As Marcella digs deeper she discovers a surprise connection between Debbie and someone who’s recently entered her life.

Marcella, with information to trade with, gets Postfeed24 to send her the ‘haunted’ ghost footage from the abandoned house. From it, they get a clue to the location of another victim’s body that’s rather close to home.

Dr. Lewis reverses her decision on letting Gail see Joel and is impressed by the fact she’s discerned he wasn’t involved in an accident.

Sascha worries about using any money that was elicited from Maya’s plan and calls a halt to their IVF. Distraught, Jojo heads for a night out to take issues into her own hands.

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