McMafia series 2: Is the James Norton Russian gangster drama returning?

The season one finale leaves the door open for Alex Goodman to make a comeback.

The season one finale leaves the door open for Alex Goodman to make a comeback.

McMafia’s thrilling eight-episode run dramatically concluded on BBC One on Sunday night (February 11) and viewers are already eager for a second series.

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The James Norton gangster thriller has been a popular hit for BBC One in 2018 and the finale, which saw Alex Goodman triumph over his family’s long-standing rival Vadim (Merab Ninidze), left the door ajar for the show to continue.

Across the first series, viewers witness Alex (James Norton) change from someone who wanted to escape the shackles of his family’s Russian mafia roots into a killer and criminal mastermind.

In the closing scenes, he pulled the trigger on Vadim and ignored a call from his partner Rebecca (Juliet Ryance), suggesting that he has given up on his old life as a respectable banker.

Viewers urged the BBC to commission a second series as soon as possible on Twitter after the episode aired.

McMafia was loosely based on Misha Glenny’s book of the same name, but only used the source material as a starting point for the drama.

The series was a co-production between the BBC and AMC in the US, so a decision on series 2 is unlikely to be announced until the show premieres in the US on February 26th.

Catch up on the full series of McMafia now on BT TV via the BBC iPlayer app.

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