Mollie and AJ urged to kiss live on TV by fellow Strictly stars

The ballroom became a playground on Saturday night’s Strictly.

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Last updated:26 November 2017 - 02.03pm

Fuel was added to the fire that is AJ Pritchard and Mollie King’s rumoured romance on Saturday night as their fellow Strictly Come Dancing stars urged them to kiss.

Following their quickstep – which earned the couple’s first ever nine – chants of “kiss, kiss, kiss” could be heard being made by the other professionals and celebrities as King and Pritchard spoke to presenter Claudia Winkleman.

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Rumours the duo were growing close have circulated since the series launched as judges praised their “chemistry”, but Saturdays’ singer King rejected questions about a blossoming romance.

That did not stop their co-stars encouraging them to smooch and even Winkleman got in on the act, telling Pritchard: “Oh go on AJ”.

Looking a little embarrassed, he replied: “Oh I’ve gone hot now,” while King laughed.

Viewers on Twitter said the incident offered more evidence of a relationship between the pair.

@ChloeMorley_xo wrote: “Deffo think Mollie & AJ are dating now after that reaction from the pro dancers.”

@Miamccann47 tweeted: “did Mollie and AJ just get outed on live TV?”

@Kana_fan19 wrote: “Molly and Aj would be the cutest couple ever and everyone telling Aj to kiss her was everything I needed they are so freaking cute.”

@ThatDevilForest posted: “Can safely say AJ & Mollie are an item.”

Others called the chanting “awkward”.

@KayteeJenkins posted: “Everyone shouting for Molly and AJ to kiss are actually shameful.”

@KeelyFenton wrote: “That was cringey. kiss, kiss, kiss …ballroom or playground?”

King has previously said the professional dancer was “lovely looking” but added rumours were “inevitable” during the show.

“We have to just sort of laugh it off.”

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