Nadiya Hussain attacks critics who say she jumped on ‘mental health bandwagon’

The Great British Bake Off winner has spoken publicly about her battle with a panic disorder.

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Last updated: 3 December 2018 - 12.10am

Celebrity baker Nadiya Hussain has attacked critics who say she is “jumping on the mental health bandwagon” by talking about her battle with a panic disorder.

The Great British Bake Off winner, 32, has been vocal about her experience of the condition, as well as her struggles with confidence issues.

Speaking to Radio Times, Hussain said people who criticised her and other celebrities on social media created an environment that prevented other sufferers from speaking out.

She said: “Social media is a double-edged sword and you have to make a choice about whether you want to share things or not. Humans can forget but social media keeps it there forever.

“There are people out there who are supportive, but there are others who say, ‘you’re just another celebrity jumping on the mental health bandwagon’. It infuriates me because it’s that attitude that actually stops people from speaking out.”

The mother-of-three has spoken of her struggle with the pressures of her ethnic and religious background. She added that she felt some of the public lacked compassion when it came to people from different backgrounds.

The Great British Bake Off 2015
The baker said she thought some people lacked compassion when it came to  mental health (Love Productions/PA)

She said: “As someone who’s lived with this their whole life, it’s really hard to talk about and admit to, particularly when you want to appear strong and in control.

“People aren’t always compassionate about the fact that people of all races, religions, genders and financial situations can have mental health issues”

The full interview is available in the Radio Times magazine out today.

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