With so many amazing TV shows available to stream on Netflix, it can be hard to know what programmes to watch.

Below are some amazing new programmes coming to Netflix this July, as well as some fantastic shows already available to watch right now...

New for July


Castlevania - from July 7


This innovative new animated series is inspired by the classic video games series Castlevania. Set in a Medieval fantasy era, it follows the surviving member of the outcast Belmont clan, who is tasked with saving Eastern Europe from extinction. Created by Frederator Studios, it has been written by comic book icon Warren Ellis. A must for any fan of this old-school video game, Castlevania is anticipated to be such a hit that a second series is already in the works.

Friends from College - from July 14


A group of Harvard graduate friends face the inevitable – entering their 40s. As they brace for a new era and potential mid-life crises, their current and past relationships and scandals are explored. While their affluent and intellectually driven lifestyles may seem squeaky clean, just a few episodes in you’ll discover this is very far from the case!

Ozark - from July 21


Jason Bateman stars in Ozark, a brand new series in which a Chicago financial advisor whose been secretly laundering money for a powerful drug lord, is forced to uproot his entire family to the remote Ozarks. Here he’s faced to continue his illegal ways while trying to fit in with the new locals that live a completely different life to what he and his family have ever encountered.


Chasing Coral - from July 14


Chasing Coral explores the devastating impact mankind is having on corals and their ecosystems around the world. Capturing time lapses of bleached corals as they happen, with the help of a team of divers, photographers and scientists, this documentary spotlights the rapidly disappearance of corals – and the domino effect this can cause to the rest of the ocean.

Last Chance U - from July 21


Last Chance U is back for its second series. The series follows junior College players alter their life path and dive into the pressure cooker football program at East Mississippi Community College. A lot of these young hopefuls see this as their only chance of sporting success and fame – but will they make it? You’ll have to watch this gut-wrenching series to find out!

Daughters of Destiny - from July 28


Four young female members of the Indian Dalit caste, often regarded as the most impoverished of all Indian communities, are followed as they struggle to fit into their surrounding society and form a future for themselves. Spaced over four episodes, this documentary series promises to be a moving mix of heartbreak and inspiration.

Netflix Original Films

To the Bone - from July 14


Starring Lily Collins in a career-defining role, To the Bone follows the struggles of a 20-year-old whose been battling anorexia for years. After failing to recover from multiple stints at traditional rehab facilities, Ellen is sent to an alternative programme where she bonds with the fellow patients and the non-traditional doctor. As she begins to show some initial improvement, her dysfunctional family hope this will finally help their daughter recover.

Still Streaming...

Orange is the New Black Series 5


Season four of Orange is the New Black ended with the cliffhanger of Daya holding several Litchfield prison guards at gunpoint. The 13 new episodes will take place over the course of three days as the prisoner riot and its consequences are played out. Billed as the most dramatic and indeed intense series yet, this series is one of the most ancitpated returning shows of the year.

GLOW Series 1 


Set in 1980s Los Angeles, this series follows struggling actress Ruth Wilder (played by Alison Brie - star of Community) as she joins a group of LA misfits to form Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Created by the team behind Orange is the New Black, a lot is expected from this new comedy.

Okja - June 28


Set in South Korea, little girl Mija has been looking after a gentle giant mountain creature Okja for 10 years. However, Okja's peaceful lifestyle is threatened when the Mirando Corporation threatens to take her to New York with plans to make him into a celebrity to promote their livestock business. Mija is willing to risk everything to keep Okja safe, but will she succeed? Starring Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal, Okja is the most expensive Korean-language film ever made.

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