New Love Island arrivals whisk Jess and Siannise out on dates

The pair were introduced to their fellow islanders on Thursday.

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Last updated: 23 January 2020 - 10.51pm

Two new boys have arrived in the Love Island villa and immediately swept Jess Gale and Siannise Fudge out on dates.

The public voted for Luke Mabbott and Luke Trotman to take them out after they were introduced to their fellow islanders.

Luke T will be going on his date with Siannise, while Luke M is heading out with Jess.

Before the Lukes arrived, Shaughna Phillips had told Siannise that “it’s operation get you a new man!”

Love Island winter 2020
Siannise is going on a date with Luke T (Joel Anderson/ITV/PA)

When the pair make their entrance, Siannise told the girls that her “heart is racing”.

Connagh Howard and Rebecca Gormley both seemed giddy following their kiss on Wednesday.

However Rebecca said that although she “really likes Connagh” it is not going to stop her “getting to know two new boys”.

The new arrivals seemed to make the rest of the boys anxious, with Mike Boateng asking: “Has anyone actually had concrete reassurance [from their partner]?

Love Island winter 2020
Trouble appears to be brewing between Connor and Sophie (Joel Anderson/ITV/PA)

Connor Durman replied: “No.”

There appears to be trouble brewing between Connor and Sophie Piper and an argument between them was teased at the end of Thursday’s show.

After being introduced to his fellow islanders, Luke T wasted no time in asking who the couples in the villa are.

During the conversation, Finn Tapp managed to anger Paige Turley by telling the contestants that things between them are “all right”.

Paige later told Finn that his behaviour was “muggy” and “the height of immaturity”.

The islanders also took on the Lads Vegas challenge, which saw the boys kitted out in Elvis costumes.

They had to dance their way to a roulette wheel to perform for the girls while they showered them with money, which they needed to try to catch.

They then had to compete on a machine which tested their strength before choosing a bride-to-be.

They then had to carry their chosen bride up a slippery slope to reach the chapel.

After trouble appeared to be brewing between Mike and Leanne Amaning in Wednesday’s episode, Leanne joked: “Yesterday I had a chat with Mike, let’s just take this slow, and then we’re getting married today.”

Finn emerged as the winner of the challenge.

Love Island continues on ITV2.

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