Ordeal by Innocence – Who is starring in the Agatha Christie adaptation? Meet the cast and characters

Get acquainted with the stars of the show and find out who replaced Ed Westwick as the murder mystery finally hits out screens.

Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence is finally making its way to BBC One, three months after it was originally due to air.

The murder mystery adaptation was supposed to go out as part of the Christmas schedules, but after allegations against one of its stars, Ed Westwick, it was postponed until his scenes could be re-shot with a different actor.

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Find out more about the characters in the drama and the actors who play them.

Leo Argyll – Bill Nighy

Unsuccessful writer Leo has had a tough marriage to wealthy philanthropist Rachel Argyll and has struggled with her control over their lives.

When she is brutally murdered at their family estate, Leo moves on from the tragedy by getting engaged to his much younger secretary, Gwenda. He is father to Rachel’s five adopted children, who he adores.

Bill Nighy is known for his roles in Love Actually, Pride, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Jack Argyll – Anthony Boyle

One of the couple’s adopted sons, Jack, becomes a tragic figure when he is accused of the murder of Rachel.

Although he vehemently denies having killed his mother, Jack dies in prison before the case can come to trial.

He is known as a troublemaker and laughs off his behaviour as a bit of fun, but deep inside he’s suffering the hurt he experienced as a child.

Like most of his siblings, Jack sees through the perfect façade that Rachel presents to friends.

Anthony Boyle can be seen in the forthcoming BBC series Come Home and the film Tolkien.

Rachel Argyll – Anna Chancellor

Heiress Rachel comes from a very wealthy background and has adopted a number of children with the intention of making their lives perfect.

But all is not as rosy as it seems - Rachel feels jealous when her children have fun together without her and they begin to resent being made to impress her friends.

Rachel’s violent death has been blamed on Jack, but a mysterious stranger arrives at the house some time later claiming it could not have been him.

Anna Chancellor is famous for starring in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Spooks and The Hour.

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Tina Argyll – Crystal Clarke

Another of the adopted Argyll children, Tina is the most grateful to Rachel for what she has done for her.

The quiet and well-behaved sister is working as a librarian by the beginning of the tale.

Crystal Clarke has appeared in both of the most recent Star Wars films.

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Mickey Argyll – Christian Cooke

Brothers Jack and Mickey are very close, and rebellious Mickey has a hatred of the stuffy part of his life – family photos and posh parties. Just like his siblings, his relationship with Rachel is strained.

The role of Mickey was originally played by Ed Westwick, but when he was dropped from the production, Christian Cooke was cast and the scenes involving him had to be filmed again.

It meant that many of the cast had to be called back in from various other projects which they were taking part in to complete the drama.

Christian has appeared in Where the Heart Is, Witches of East End, and Love, Rosie.

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Hester Argyll – Ella Purnell

Baby of the brood Hester has two very different personas – her family and public face, where she acts very innocent and is treated like a princess, and her much more mature side which only her siblings see.

Hester has been mothered more by her sister Tina than by Rachel, who is more concerned with how her daughter looks, but she is very close to her father.

Ella Purnell has appeared in Churchill, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Kick-Ass 2.

Gwenda Vaughan – Alice Eve

Secretary Gwenda is the opposite of Rachel -  she is from a much lower class and the pair can’t really relate to each other.

But Gwenda is desperate to make something of her life and when she falls in love with Leo, decides that she will make him hers at any cost.

Gwenda and Leo are planning their wedding when the stranger arrives at the family’s home with startling information about Rachel’s murder.

Alice Eve starred in Star Trek into Darkness and Before We Go.

Kirsten Lindstrom – Morven Christie

Housekeeper Kirsten plays a huge part in all of the children’s lives as she has nannied and cooked for them since they arrived at the Argylls’ home.

All of the children are fond of Kirsten, but there’s a big twist to look out for that’s connected to her.

Morven Christie starred in The A Word, The Replacement, and Grantchester.

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Mary Durrant – Eleanor Tomlinson

Mary is the eldest of the siblings and the only one who is married.

She has quite a weak character, desperate to be loved and competitive over her mother’s affections.

Unfortunately, Mary is married to Philip who has become very cruel since being injured in the war and often takes out his frustrations on her.

Mary hates Gwenda, who is set to become her new stepmother.

Eleanor Tomlinson stars in the BBC adaptation of Poldark.

Philip Durrant – Matthew Goode

Former war hero Philip is struggling to come to terms with the hand that life has dealt him – he is now in a wheelchair, has problems with alcohol, and is frustrated at having to rely on wife Mary for every part of his care.

It seems as though he has an attraction to Mary’s younger adopted sister, Hester.

Matthew Goode has appeared in The Crown, Downton Abbey, and Dancing on the Edge.

Dr Arthur Calgary – Luke Treadaway

The Argyll family are just starting to put the horror of Rachel’s death behind them when the mysterious Dr Arthur Calgary shows up at their family home, claiming to have an alibi for Jack on the night of the murder.

Viewers will discover that Arthur has his own guilty past to deal with, so when he realises that he gace Jack a lift to the pub on the night of Rachel’s murder, he sees clearing Jack’s name as a kind of redemption for himself.

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Arthur says that he has been away on a scientific expedition to the Arctic, but what secrets is he covering up?

Luke Treadaway has appeared in Fortitude and Attack the Block.

Ordeal by Innocence begins on Sunday, April 1 at 9pm on BBC One.

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