Paddy McGuinness leaves fans in hysterics after ‘drunk’ This Morning appearance

The TV star had been partying at the Top Gear premiere.

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Last updated: 21 January 2020 - 2.20pm

This Morning viewers were left in hysterics after Paddy McGuinness appeared worse for wear on the programme after enjoying a night of partying.

The Top Gear host was joined by co-star Chris Harris on the ITV daytime chat show, hours after the world premiere of the new series in Leicester Square.

Presenter Phillip Schofield joked: “I find it quite shocking anyone could come on this sofa and be drunk. Who would do that?”

Holly Willoughby replied: “This time next week it will be us,” before advising the pair: “Go home, get a wash, get to bed.”

Earlier in the show McGuinness gatecrashed a crisp tasting segment and admitted: “I won’t lie to you, I’ve not been to bed.”

When he was offered a sample of pale ale, he replied: “Not more of that stuff,” and joked that he had sprayed mace on himself.

Joined by Harris on the sofa later, he told the hosts: “I knew I was flying too close to the sun when I was on stage and I said to the Director General of the BBC ‘Get the sambucas in, son’.

He joked: “He’s still there drinking, he’s still on it.”

Asked by Willoughby what he brings to the show, McGuinness replied: “Alcohol, lots of it.”

After the TV star made a joke about Harris only having one nipple, Harris said: “This is worse than I ever thought it would be.”

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Loving @PaddyMcGuinness on This Morning still drunk.”

Another wrote: “#paddymcguinness is he still drunk from last night? so funny!”

Another added: “Hilarious! Paddy McGuinness and one nipple Chris.”

Top Gear returns to BBC Two on Sunday.

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