Popeye, knife throwers and offensive jokes – Britain’s Got Talent’s most shocking acts

There are all sorts of reasons why an auditionee can stick in the mind - here are nine BGT contestants we'd rather forget.

With auditions well under way for the new series of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell and co will be hoping to uncover some of the nation’s best-kept entertainment secrets.

But as any BGT viewer knows, along with the hidden gems come some incredibly surprising auditions – whether that’s because they’re unexpectedly good, unexpectedly bad, or unexpectedly disgusting.

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We remember some of the most shocking acts to have appeared on the show over the last 11 series.

Tyrone and Mina

Knife throwers are a classic variety show act, but they’re also one of the most terrifying to watch – especially when you have no idea whether they’re actually any good.

Tyrone and Mina had the judges’ hearts in their mouths with their dangerous routine and the scar on Tyrone’s face which he admitted was from a rogue throw.

It made for uncomfortable watching despite their obvious talent, with the panel cringing behind their hands.

Ned Woodman

It’s a bit of a tradition for each series of Britain’s Got Talent to star a child, but eight-year-old Ned Woodman didn’t go for the usual singing or dancing routines.

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He was an aspiring stand-up comic, and although he may have looked angelic, his sweet smile hid an arsenal of offensive jokes.

Ned managed to insult all of the judges, but none more so than Amanda Holden with his quip: “Why were people so excited by that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent? Amanda Holden’s been on it for years.”

Paddy and Nico

Refreshingly, salsa dancer Paddy Jones presented a shocking audition for all the right reasons.

The keen performer didn’t let age hold her back, auditioning for the show when she was nearly 80 years old with her much younger dance partner Nico.

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Paddy amazed the judges with her flexibility and quick moves, and told them how she had got back into dancing to cope with her grief after her husband died.


Sometimes, a dancer’s skill and flexibility crosses the line into being almost uncomfortable to watch.

Bonetics was one such performer; he managed to contort his body into such unlikely shapes that he seemed to be made of elastic.

His act was at times difficult to look at, but certainly wowed everyone who saw it.

Paul Hunn and Mr Methane

These two were actually completely separate acts at the opposite ends of the same disgusting spectrum.

Paul Hunn revolted the audience by burping his way through his audition, while Mr Methane, complete with superhero costume, claimed to be the world’s only professional farter.

Needless to say, few were keen on a repeat performance from either act.

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Antonio Popeye

This unusual act was strangely mesmerising – Antonio Popeye, as his name suggests, made his eyes bulge to music. That was it. The whole act.

However, the judges and viewers found it oddly endearing and Antonio became an unlikely semi-finalist in 2011.

Geisha Davis

Terrifying children everywhere into giving up nursery rhymes, Geisha Davis performed the most disturbing version of Humpty Dumpty we’ve ever seen.

Alesha Dixon told her: “I was absolutely petrified, I thought you were going to come out and strangle me.”

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The other judges were intrigued enough to put her through to the next round, but unsurprisingly Geisha didn’t go on to perform in front of the Queen.

Mike Henderson

Going one further in the danger stakes than Tyrone and Mina, Mike Henderson performed his act standing on his hands while balancing over knives.

The full horror of what could have happened has to be watched in full, but Piers Morgan certainly made things worse by pressing his buzzer at a critical moment.

Britain’s Got Talent returns soon to ITV.

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