Reggie Yates' Extreme UK: Gay And Under Attack made viewers very angry indeed

No one could believe some of the homophobic views expressed in Gay and Under Attack.

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Last updated: 8 December 2015 - 7.22am

In the first of new BBC Three series Extreme UK, Reggie Yates explored attitudes to homosexuality among black, Afro Caribbean and Asian communities in London.

And the first episode had viewers’ blood boiling.

Reggie meets Sunhil (BBC/Screenshot)

We met Sahil, a gay Muslim, whose mum told him this…

Many people interviewed said being gay was “unnatural”.

Or simply, a choice.

The attitude it seems was even shared by people of a younger generation.

And religion seemed to be a big factor in many people’s views.

Reggie Yates Extreme UK
Pastor Andrew Fuller who “doesn’t believe” in homosexuality (BBC/Screenshot)

And what about the even more marginalised community, like Transgender? We met Talulah who receives derogatory comments regularly.

Tallulah on Extreme UK
Talulah came out as gay at school because no one understood what transgender was (BBC/Screenshot)

But at least her dad was awesome.

One imam talked about homosexuality being an urge that is possible to fight, or he’d recommend someone to lead a celibate life if they couldn’t.

And a lesbian, Nicole, who despite being gay herself, feels uncomfortable about gay men.

How, even though Derby has a huge black and Asian community, Reggie, Tallulah and Sahil were pretty much the only ones at a gay pride event in the city.

Reggie and Sahil (BBC/Screenshot)

But our hearts were warmed when Sahil, originally nervous about attending, had a great time, made friends and felt accepted.

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