Private pathologist Dr Beaumont Rosewood Jr is suave, slick and he helps fight crime in Miami, Florida.

However, when he’s not helping law enforcement and flirting with Detective Annalisa Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz), Rosewood has a tragic secret. He’s suffered strokes and other serious medical issues over the years, and he predicts he has less than a decade left to live.

Billed as “pathology's answer to Sherlock”, this new series is addictive, fun and airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on Alibi, BT TV 312 (382 HD).


We caught up with the show’s star – Morris Chestnut – to find out what makes Rosewood tick.

1. Morris Chestnut is a charming leading man

“I’m not quite as charming or as slick as Rosewood is, but I strive to be some day. He’s a really great character to play because he’s extremely optimistic and deep down he’s dealing with a terminal illness and there is that contrast in his character.

“He loves to impose his optimism on other people and get them to see the world from a brighter perspective.”

2. The romance with Rosewood and Detective Villa is very surprising

“The partnership will be push and pull throughout the whole first series. Rosewood will at times be getting to close to her and then she’ll be pushing back. But there will also be times when Villa needs Rosewood in her life and in a different way to a partnership. And everything comes to a head in the finale.

“The thing about Detective Villa is that she tries to hide her feelings because she is very afraid of being hurt. But there will be a point where she reveals her feelings.

“Rosewood’s close friend, played by Taye Diggs, also comes on the show for three episodes as well and that throws a monkey wrench into the plan.”






3. It mixes comedy and drama

“Rosewood is a light drama that blends comedy and drama along with mystery and medical solutions.

“You get the procedural shows like CSI  - and don’t get me wrong I would love to get to 1,000 shows like those guys – but they’re very straight down the line. We blend the comedy and the drama on Rosewood. There are a lot of light moments and some dramatic moments and some really emotional moments as well. You get a little bit of everything in each episode.”


4. Rosewood could run and run

“The thing I love about the show is that I get to play a character that has a lot of fun. He also deals with some seriously emotional stuff across the series. So that back and forth makes it a brilliant character to play.

“I love the show Luther, but I couldn’t do a 22 episode series with a character like that. Idris Elba is a brilliant actor and you have to go to certain places to do that and I couldn’t do that for a 22 episode series. Rosewood is up sometimes and down sometimes, you’re never doing the same thing.”

5. The shirt keeps on coming off

“The funny thing about that is at home I always have a shirt on. Not even when I’m in my house alone do I take it off. My wife sees my shirt off more on TV than she does at home, which could be a problem.

“I did talk to the director. In the pilot – the shirt’s off. I read the second episode and the shirt comes off. And then I read the third and fourth episode and each time my shirt came off and I had to speak to the writers. I said, ‘look guys, my shirt can’t keep coming off every single episode’. So it won’t come off every episode, I absolutely promise.”

Rosewood airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on Alibi, BT TV 312/382 HD and is also available on catch-up.

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