Saturday Kitchen: Goodbye James Martin – a look back at his funniest moments

As the show’s host bows out after a decade of omelette contests and Food Heaven and Hell, we look back at some of James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen highlights.

This weekend marks the end of an era in weekend television as James Martin hangs up his spatula and puts away his frying pan for the final time on Saturday Kitchen.

Martin transformed the show into a weekly institution for everyone from hungover students to eager food fans looking for some quick tips and fresh ideas for the weekend.

Saturday Kitchen: Who is the new host

From the infamous Food Heaven and Food Hell to the classic omelette competitions, the show’s blend of chat and cooking was laidback, endearing and the TV equivalent of comfort food.

Martin’s last episode as host airs on Saturday (March 26) and there will no doubt be plenty of tears and classic clips as guests and friends of the show pay tribute to the presenter.

Here are a selection of fan favourite moments and show bloopers from the last 10 years.

1. When James’s mum phoned in


The TV equivalent of your mum coming to wipe your face with a bit of tissue during a school play, it was an extremely cute TV moment when James’s mum called the show on his birthday episode. Even if it left James a little embarrassed.

2. When he maybe, possibly, accidentally said a rude word


Maybe he was thinking about making a Spotted Dick for pudding. Maybe one of the upcoming guests was called Richard and it was an affectionate nickname. Or maybe, James said a naughty word to the nation. Stop your childish giggling at the back.

3. When he got a rogue phone caller


The joys of a live television phone in is that you always get one joker who takes the opportunity to say something totally bizarre when they finally make it on air.

One particularly jolly Saturday Kitchen caller decided to change his question about how to cook a shoulder of lamb to a more odd question about an out of date pork pie in his fridge. We suspect they may have been on a wind-up, but it gave the show’s hosts and guests something to giggle about.

4. When James showed off his fancy dance moves


Anyone who saw James Martin on Strictly Come Dancing is well aware that he knows how to shake a tailfeather and is a bit of a mover.

However, he was always slightly better in the ballroom than the Latin. And the less that is said about his freestyling and modern dance moves in the Saturday Kitchen studios the better.

5. The time James managed to handle a very awkward proposal


Of course any sort of wedding proposal is sweet, but when it’s done on live television, there is always the awkward moment when you fear the answer might be ‘no’.

Luckily James was on hand to crack a few jokes and ease our buttock-clenching as we found ourselves cringing at the man who decided Saturday Kitchen was the best place to declare his love.

6. The time he nearly set fire to the studio

James Martin starts fire on Saturday Kitchen
“It’s very hard to concentrate when the studio is on fire,” joked guest Suzi Perry, as clouds of smoke engulfed the studio from her grilled chicken dish.

Pushed for time James Martin got a little carried with the flames on one episode and joked: “That was nearly my right eyebrow that went.”

Somehow, he managed to keep his cool despite the thick smoke and heat from the pan, joking to viewers that they shouldn’t try this at home “near their net curtains”.

James Martin’s last ever Saturday Kitchen airs on Saturday, March 26 at 10am.

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