Phillip Schofield clashes with Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner over Holly comments

Viewers called Phillip “a legend” after he jumped in to defend Holly.

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Last updated:08 January 2018 - 11.38am

Phillip Schofield rushed to defend his Dancing On Ice co-presenter Holly Willoughby after she was told off by judge Jason Gardiner – and viewers loved it.

Many called Schofield “a legend” after he warned Gardiner: “Don’t snap at my girl!”

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The light-hearted row started when Willoughby piped up as Gardiner was dishing out criticism to contestant Stephanie Waring following her turn on the ice.

She pointed out that it was only week one, leading the judge to snap that that was why he was giving Waring tips, so she could improve.

Schofield then jumped in and jokingly warned Gardiner: “Don’t you snap at my girl! Don’t you snap at her!”

Gardiner replied: “It’s ridiculous to say it is week one, I know it is week one.”

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Schofield’s comments drew cheers from the audience, and went down a storm on social media.

“Everyone needs a friend like Phillip Schofield,” said one fan on Twitter.

“’Don’t you snap at my girl! Don’t you snap at her!’ @Schofe comes to the rescue!!” said another delighted viewer.

“What a legend,” posted another, and one said: “I love Phillip Schofield sticking up for Holly. “Don’t you snap at my girl” that’s a true friend right there.”

“When is Schofe going to get a knighthood?,” asked another.

The moment also triggered some hilarious pictures and memes.

Schofield also co-hosts This Morning with Willoughby.

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