Shirley Ballas returns to Strictly Come Dancing after breast reduction surgery

The head judge has spoken of her regret at having breast implants.

Press Association
Last updated: 2 November 2019 - 10.20pm

Shirley Ballas returned to the judging table on Strictly Come Dancing just days after having her breast implants removed.

The head judge did not dance as she made her entrance on the show, but instead walked down the stairs holding on to the banister on her way to her seat.

She eschewed her usual glamorous gowns for a black trouser suit with a white blouse and black bow at her neck.

Ballas was back on the panel (BBC/Guy Levy)

Earlier this week, she expressed her regret over having breast implants as she warned other women to think twice before going under the knife.

The 59-year-old reportedly spent four-and-a-half hours on the operating table to have her breast augmentation reversed and a potentially dangerous capsule removed.

Ballas said she decided to revert back to her natural A cup because of health concerns and finally being able to accept her natural body.

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