Sir Lenny Henry’s life explored in new documentary

Lemn Sissay will also take part in the BBC Arts series.

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Last updated: 18 October 2019 - 3.43am

The life of Sir Lenny Henry will be examined in a BBC documentary.

The career of the actor and comedian, who shot to fame as a teenager, will be charted in imagine…

Sir Lenny will speak to Alan Yentob about his life and the challenges he has faced.

Sir Lenny Henry and Alan Yentob
Sir Lenny Henry and Alan Yentob (Lorian Reed-Drake/BBCStudios)

The BBC Arts flagship series will also feature author Lemn Sissay.

Yentob said: “Lenny Henry and Lemn Sissay are two exceptional and original talents. They are also great storytellers.

“Here are two tales of the unexpected. Their recently published memoirs have received great acclaim and in imagine… they speak with remarkable candour in two truly revealing and inspiring encounters.”

Sir Lenny has recently written his autobiography, Who Am I, again? and Sissay has written his new memoir, My Name Is Why.

Lemn Sissay and Alan Yentob
Lemn Sissay and Alan Yentob (Harry Truman/BBC Studios)

Tanya Hudson, BBC Studios executive producer, added: “imagine… celebrates and explores the best in arts and culture both in the UK and internationally.

“As Lenny Henry’s first autobiography and Lemn Sissay’s memoir is published these revealing documentary portraits shine a new light on two of the best-loved and remarkable cultural figures of our generation.”

The two new documentaries are expected to air in winter 2019.

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