Strictly Come Dancing’s new signing can’t wait to wear Cuban heels

The BBC1 show has unveiled its fourth contestant.

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Last updated: 14 August 2018 - 11.40am

YouTube star Joe Sugg says he cannot wait to don a Cuban heel as he was unveiled as the latest celebrity to sign up for Strictly Come Dancing.

TV presenter Katie Piper, Steps singer Faye Tozer and Red Dwarf actor Danny John-Jules were previously revealed for this year’s series of the BBC1 show.

Sugg, 26, told Radio 1: “I’m a big fan of a Cuban heel as I’m not the tallest. So I’m going to embrace that.”

He admitted that he is not a great dancer but added: “I have always been drunk!”

Sugg told the Breakfast Show, presented by Scott Mills: “I’m the most nervous and the most excited I’ve been for a long, long time.”

And he said that a “lot of people” might say “Who?” after his name was unveiled, “as I’ve only popped up in the last six years, on YouTube as well”.

He added: “I’m very nervous about it. It’s totally out of my comfort zone and I know it will be a huge challenge but that’s what life is all about.”

But he will make his grandparents “so happy which will definitely make up for any embarrassment or cringe caused by my questionable rhythm”.

Sugg is a British YouTuber, filmmaker, author and vlogger and has over 25 million followers.

He is known for his challenges and pranks across his three YouTube channels.

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