Strictly viewers beg Rev Coles: Don’t leave me this way

Strictly viewers said they were “gutted” to see the reverend eliminated.

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Last updated:09 October 2017 - 07.38am

Strictly Come Dancing viewers had one plea after Reverend Richard Coles was eliminated from the competition: “Don’t leave me this way.”

The former Communards star was booted off the dancefloor during Sunday night’s instalment of the BBC programme, leaving fans on social media quoting the name of the pop duo’s 1986 song.

“Nooooo, don’t leave me this way, @RevRichardColes! #Strictly,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“On no Richard, don’t leave me this way!” said another.

Viewers were doubly disappointed that the reverend did not take his last twirl around the dancefloor to the track.

One person tweeted: “Well @bbcstrictly missed a trick for the Rev’s last Dance… Don’t Leave Me This Way would have been perfect!!”

“Surely it should be “Don’t leave me this way” as the last dance for @RevRichardColes He’s missed already! Wish he was still in,” said another.

Many viewers said they were “gutted” that Rev Coles’s dancing days were over.

“That’s just ruined #strictly for me,” said one upset fan, while another said the star was “a break from celebs who take it far too seriously”.

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