The 6 questions we’re all asking after episode 3 of Line of Duty

More plot twists unraveled as Jed Mercurio's dark copper drama left viewers with plenty of questions. Warning: there are spoilers ahead…

This article is intended for readers who have just seen episode 3 of the BBC1 police drama. If you haven’t, be warned that there are major spoilers from the outset and throughout.

After the cop killing in episode one and the big shock twist in episode two (Hello Denton!), Line of Duty gathered pace this week as we got a multitude or arrests and confessions.

And the web of lies seems to finally be catching up with the pesky Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan.

However, there are still plenty or burning questions that remain unanswered. Here are the ones that have left us scratching our heads.

Dot is pulling the strings – but is he really the big bad?

Line of Duty (BBC)

Everyone who watched the first two series knows what a wrong ‘un Dot is, but when the closing credits came and he was crumbling under the pressure it begged the question – is he really the man at the top of the chain? We only ask because this is episode three and it feels too soon for Jed Mercurio to have dealt his ace card.

Conniving, smart and slippery are all words we would use to describe Dot, but whether he’s a criminal mastermind or just the police puppet-master remains to be seen.

Was Dot’s confession to Kate about his gambling days a hint at how he ended tangled up in police corruption? And surely a man who makes a mean chilli can’t be all bad?

And what is the connection between Hari and Dot? Hari wasn’t aware that it was Dot who had been giving him the orders – so how had the young officer become embroiled in the Caddy’s masterplan?

Why can nobody spot Kate Fleming and her giant binoculars?

Line of Duty (BBC)

It’s just a side note, but if a trained copper can’t spot Vicky McClure sporting a massive pair of binoculars on their trail for days on end, they really shouldn’t be in the police force.

Romance for Ted?

Hastings and Gill’s will-they-won’t-they romance at the moment feels like an amusing sideplot. Let's hope it stays that way and it isn't a cover up for Gill being involved in something dodgy.

After three series of high stress and bent coppers, who would begrudge Hastings a bit of fun?

Who killed Rod?

In his confrontation with Dot, Hari effectively confessed to the killing of Danny Waldron, but he made one thing clear – "I didn’t kill Rod".

It might mean nothing if it turns out that Dot got his hands dirty and finished off poor Will Mellor himself, but would Dot have been desperate and silly enough to get his hands dirty like that?

Who else was on Danny’s list?

Line of Duty (BBC)

Steve Arnott is determined to get to the bottom of the child abuse scandal that caused Danny Waldron to go on a killing spree, but how far does this criminal conspiracy stretch?

So far Arnott has only got his hands on a slobbery and comatose Dale Roach, but we know coppers, teachers and social workers were all involved in the cover up.

Line of Duty

What will Denton do next?

The swaggering and devilish Keeley Hawes is back and unleashed an unbelievable performance in the dock as Denton was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder.

Steve Arnott was “forgiven”, but we suspect others will be treated less generously. What is her masterplan now she has been released? This isn’t a woman who will sit around quietly and start working at her local B&Q. She is going to get her sweet revenge, but how?.

What did you think of this week’s Line of Duty? Have you got answers for any of these questions? Or additional questions of your own? Leave a comment below.

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