The A Word soundtrack is a huge hit with viewers

Blossoms, The Jam, The Smiths and The Rattlesnakes were all on show.

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Last updated:15 November 2017 - 03.08pm

Fans of The A Word have lauded the show’s star character Joe Hughes for his taste in music.

The seven-year-old is portrayed by Max Vento in the powerful BBC drama, which returned to television last week.

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Although viewers knew of Joe’s interest in music from the show’s first series, he flaunted his love for indie, rock and punk in Tuesday night’s show.

Blossoms, The Jam, The Smiths, The Rattlesnakes and Scottish post-punk outfit Orange Juice were all mentioned or played in the show and fans were delighted by Joe’s choices.

@Hulagirl681 posted on Twitter: “#TheAWord love this series,all the cast are ace as is the music. Brill.”

@Graveburgers tweeted: “Joe has the most excellent music taste in @theaworduk.”

@WebbieWanderers posted: “I really hope that you release the sound track to #TheAWord re Joe’s music! @BBCOne.”

@Cfc332 wrote: “The Smiths and Orange Juice – joe is the coolest seven year old.”

@AnjelaMaria2 posted: “Why can’t my taste in music be as good as Joes!”

One parent of an autistic child also related to a scene in which Joe refuses to get out of the car until he hears the end of a song.

@Stephstwogirls tweeted: “Our autistic girl is similar; needs to hear the end and all the words in a song. We’re not allowed to talk in the car!”

The A Word returns next Tuesday at 9pm.

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