The Apprentice review: Are these the stupidest candidates ever?

A look back at the biggest blunders from this week’s hilarious episode of Lord Sugar’s reality show.

The Apprentice hasn’t been short of terrible business ideas down the years. From selling cheap processed British cheese to the French to the ‘Pantsman’ cereal, Lord Sugar has seen some of Britain’s worst and stupidest businessmen come and go.

However, this week’s hilarious and blunder-filled episode, where the candidates were challenged to redecorate a hotel room, may have just topped the lot.

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Some Apprentice tasks are designed to trip up the candidates, but this was a simple request from Lord Sugar. Redesign and decorate a glamourous hotel room around a high-market theme, so that it could be used by hoteliers to charge rich customers a premium.

From mad mood boards to golf club chic, there wasn't one sensible idea in the entire hour.

How could it possibly go wrong? Apparently, everything can go wrong.

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Here are the 11 funniest moments from the Hotel Redesign task.

1. When the boys spoiled the result in the opening two minutes

“The girls haven’t got a chance, I genuinely believe we’re going to smash it.”

The rules of Apprentice schadenfreude meant that we all knew the boys would lose the task from this moment on.

2. Ross Fretten, the worst project manager of all time?

The Apprentice

Bad planning, bad ideas, rude to Lord Sugar and the worst team-builder ever.

“Do you want to touch each other? Or high five?”

3. Everything Sajan did in this episode

The Apprentice

The creative genius behind the boys’ mood board. He had almost too many highlights this week, but our personal favourite must be his proud proclamation about his creative ideas for the task.

“I’ve given them the foods, it’s now up to them to make the juice.”

4. The girls golf clubs

The Apprentice

The girls eventually went for a gold theme, which didn’t amount to much apart from an old bag of clubs and balls stuck against the wall.

The unconvincing interaction between the girls said it all.

“What is it?”

“It’s art.”

“We were just saying actually, it’s dead arty”.

Arty isn’t the first word that sprung to mind.

5. Claude hiding in the corner of the girls room?

The Apprentice

Lord Sugar’s attack dog isn’t a man to shy away from confrontation, but even the intimidating Claude Littner was left cowering during the girls chaotic decoration process.

“Can everyone stop shouting!”

“We’re not shouting, everyone is just talking at the same time!”

6. When the boys 'Best of British' room turned into the Romanian flag?

The Apprentice

Let’s go for red, blue and…. yellow?

7. When the boys tried to charge £750-a-night for a room without a dinner table?

When Sajan suggested that the person renting the room should go eat somewhere else, the hotelier replied bluntly: “Don’t tell me what to do in my room.”

8. The boys’ mood board

The Apprentice

Lord Sugar probably summed it up best. “That’s a mess, that’s diabolical.”

9. When the girls decision to not spend any money on their luxury room.

“West Ham’s trophy room has got more in it,” quipped Lord Sugar.

10. The boy's 60-second artwork

The Apprentice

After a major blunder, the lads were left with only seconds for their designer to create some art for their room. The result was a sketch of the London Eye that looked like the scribblings of a toddler.

11. Jeff Wan

The Apprentice

“How many bankers do you know who can break dance.” Judging by Jeff’s moves, zero.

Sadly Jeff was given the firing finger by Lord Sugar and the nation has been deprived of his dance moves forever.

The Apprentice continues on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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