The Apprentice - When does it start? Who are Lord Sugar's eyes and ears? All you need to know

Lord Sugar will be searching for a new business partner again this autumn. Find out all you need to know about the new series here.

The most over-confident interview candidates in the UK are gathering their CVs together for Lord Sugar’s perusal – that’s right, The Apprentice is about to return for a 13th series.

As with recent years, the business mogul is looking for a proposal to invest in rather than a new employee – but who will have the plans to impress in the boardroom?

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Find out everything you need to know ahead of the new series as we wait to see who will be fired and who will be hired.

When does the new series start?

The BBC and Lord Sugar have confirmed that the new series will premiere on Wednesday, October 4th at 9pm on BBC One.



Who will be helping Lord Sugar vet the candidates?

Lord Sugar may get the final say on who’s fired, but as any business baron knows, it’s important to have eyes and ears on the ground for all of the times he is too busy to observe the candidates.

Karren Brady and Claude Littner are both back to sit alongside Shugs in the boardroom and follow the candidates on their tasks each week.

Brady is the vice-chair of West Ham United FC and used to be the Small Businesses Ambassador to the government under PM David Cameron. This year, she became chairman of Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia group. She has been an Apprentice assistant since the sixth series which aired in 2009, when she replaced original star Margaret Mountford.

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Littner has only completed two series as an Apprentice assistant since the departure of Nick Hewer, but he is well known to fans of the show as he has served as an interviewer in one of the later rounds of the contest since the programme started in 2005. He has worked alongside Lord Sugar for many years, currently as the chairman for his company Viglen and as non-executive director of Amstrad.

Candidates will need to keep their wits about them as Brady and Littner will not miss a single spat, bad decision or moment of laziness, and will report everything back to the boss.

Who are the candidates this year?

We’re still waiting to hear who the wannabe entrepreneurs are who will offer their business plans up for scrutiny this year.

But we do know that the process usually begins with 18 contestants with an equal male-female split in numbers.

The applications for this series closed some time ago, so Lord Sugar will already be whittling down his choices for the best proposals (or the best TV personalities) to take part.

Is there a trailer?

Funny you should ask - Lord Sugar has just posted it on Instagram. It may not be what you're expecting, but stick with it til the end. We suspect it may have taken inspiration from previous cringeworthy task efforts.


Check back for more Apprentice news when series 13 launches this autumn.



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