BBC racist doughnuts test baffles viewers

Viewers complain after the BBC attempt to discover whether Britain is racist using a box of sugary treats.

Press Association
Last updated: 6 October 2015 - 11.54am

BBC Three documentary Is Britain Racist caused a bit of stir with viewers last night as it used a bizarre test involving doughnuts to discover whether the British public really did discriminate based on race and religion.

The experiment involved people of different ethnicities and wearing different religious garments giving out doughnuts. The three participants were Deji, a black man, Richard, who was Jewish, and Hanna, a Muslim who wore both a niqab and a hijab for the experiment.

Although the show's presenter Mona Chalabi admitted that the test wasn't scientific, viewers still responded with confusuion at the stunt.

Viewers on Twitter pointed out that there were plenty of reasons to turn down a free doughnut other than being racist.

Is Britain Racist? is available to watch now on iPlayer.

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